You Won’t Believe How Much Detail GT5 Has

You Won’t Believe How Much Detail GT5 Has

Oh, no. You really won’t. Well, maybe you will. Dunno!

Earlier this month, Kotaku posted screens of the racing simulator from the Nürburgring tracks. Those screens look detailed, but Japanese site doooooooope! points out just how detailed. Look at the reflection in the car’s side mirror.

Amazing. But is it done yet? Eh…

「Gran Turismo 5」のディテールが信じられないレベルである事が判る一枚 [doooooooope! via はちま起稿]


  • Yes, it’s a reflection, but I doubt that’s a reflection of what’s happening in the game (eg. cars, the track, objects etc). More likely to be just reflecting a generic landscape image, similar to what previous GTs have done.

    For instance, you should be able to see the front of the grey car, and the red one on the far right edge of the mirror.

    Well… that’s my take on it 😉

  • I’ve really tried hard to care about GT5, but I just don’t “get” it.

    I probably would’ve bought it just to see how “real” it felt, but after all this time, I just don’t care enough.

    I hope for their sake there are a lot of people more dedicated than me. It’d be a shame to see this flop after all the work they’ve done.

  • They can put a reflection on the back of a mirror, but they can’t put together a crowd consisting of more than 3 sprites.

    How does that work, exactly?

  • To get technical, its a dynamic reflection map: a small resolution cube-map generated per frame at a given point (usually the center of the car model) that uses low-polygon versions of the surrounding cars and track. Early games only used a static reflection map (usually blurred since it wasn’t a true reflection that changed with the car’s position in the environment). Its a normal rendering technique for current gen games, however often FPS’s pre-generate static reflection maps across an environment and the closest one is used on your gun etc since updating each frame is costly on performance (but required in a car game that has large reflective surfaces with large objects near them like other cars)

    • not to mention the completely smooth ripple strip. I would suggest that would be a much better use of system resources.

  • Does each individual spectator in the crowd have their own persistent life cycle that continues even when you’re not playing the game? Do they have AI controlled central nervous systems and jobs and families and are some of their jeans scuffed at the bottom because they’re too long and their complex AI controlled psychological profile means that they occasionally forget to wear a belt made up of 250,000 polygons to hold their jeans up so they step on them while walking through the procedurally generated city in another country where the highly detailed cement on the footpaths is slightly more coarse? Do they?

    Because that is fucking INTEGRAL to my racing experience.

  • Not only will I never actually SEE that sort of detail as I’ll never bother being that close…

    At this point I’ll never bother seeing this game, because its VAPORWARE.

    It’s now vaporware. It’s something Sony trundles out every six months to say ‘OOH LOOK WE HAVE GRAN TURISMO! LOOK! OOH SHINY!’

    I’m sorry, I know they’re still working on it, but it’s 2/3 of the way to being Duke Nukem forevers development cycle isn’t it now? That’s bloody horrendous!!!

    Personally I don’t care if it’s the shiniest, best looking game in the world, I just want it to play phenomenally well. As long as it does, the graphics can come second. Just get the damn game out there Sony!

    Vaporware. That’s all this damn ‘Emperors new clothes’ game is at this point in time, Vaporware.

  • This may be the best looking racing game ever made, but seriously are you going to watch a replay zoomed in on your cars mirror?

    Is that even possible with the camera setup they give you?

    Will most of the people who buy this game even know about this?

    Will anyone who read this thread even remember it when the game comes out?

    Needless to say this will be a pretty sweet launch title for the PS4.

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