You'll Never Want To Turn Off This Street Fighter HDTV

Now, I love Street Fighter, and I love big-arse TVs, but when my friend calls and is all "LOL, turn on Judge Mathis!" I don't want to wait eight seconds while the screen shows me a picture of Ryu.

But that's one of the core features of this Super Street Fighter IV-branded TV by Roundtable Concepts, the same firm that put out a Marvel Comics branded HDTV. The thing comes in 32-, 40-, 42- and 46-inch flavours.

A news release promises "your favourite Street Fighter characters and/or logo will be embellished on the bottom two corners of the frame", and "the Street Fighter character appearing on the casing is not the only place you will see the characters as the Street Fighter image will also appear on the screen for 8 seconds when you power it on."

I would hope that's a feature that may be enabled or disabled on a menu, but if so, what's the point of spending the extra whatever-it-costs to get this thing in the first place?

Finally, an Officially Licensed Street Fighter IV HDTV [Gizmodo]


    Easily the stupidest thing I've seen this year...

      I'm a huge fan of SFIV and I wholeheartedly agree.

    please sir, take all of my money as i am obviously to stupid to have any.

    ...what a waste of cash... and it looks horrible too!

    This sounds like a horrible product.

    just to break the chain of hate here,


    jokes, it actually does look terrible and whoever wants to buy it is a down right re-tard

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