Zeno Clash, Raystorm HD Are Your Arcade Games Of The Week

Ready the Microsoft Points, Xbox 360 owner, for this week's Xbox Live Arcade update promises to be a big one, with first-person brawler Zeno Clash and top-down, shoot 'em up Raystorm HD arriving this Wednesday.

ACE Team's quirky Zeno Clash gets its "Ultimate Edition" after a brief delay. The Xbox Live Arcade release brings with it new attacks, weapons, enemies and a new game mode, hopefully addressing some of the concerns we had with the PC version of the game, released last year. Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition is yours for 1200 Microsoft Points.

Square Enix and Taito's high-definition update of PlayStation shooter Raystorm also checks in Wednesday, also for 1200 Microsoft Points. You can read our hands-on impressions of Raystorm HD from Tokyo Game Show 2009 right here.


    geez 1200 pts a piece. how about both on sale together for the 1200 points?

    What happened to the Austrlian release date - i've been looking ewvery night and there is still no Raystorm HD on Aurtlian xbox live. (it's on the american site but will not let me order).
    Can anyone please assist?

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