25 Years Later, Goonies Still Never Say Die

With no sequel, no reboot, no spinoffs - just one movie and one video game - The Goonies is a rarity, a phenomenon supported by two decades of nearly unexploited nostalgia. The film's 25th anniversary of its release is today.

This weekend in Astoria, Oregon, the real-life setting of the 1985 film saw a gala reunion attended by hordes of fans and nearly all of the Goonies cast - and what a breath of fresh air that doesn't have to be qualified as "the original cast."

That includes of course, Jeff Cohen, now a high-powered entertainment lawyer who's visited Kotaku to dispense legal advice to gaming figures. But 25 years ago, as Chunk, he gave the film its best lines, its iconic "Truffle Shuffle", and infused it with the underdog humanity that makes The Goonies so beloved today.

The Washington Post put together a wonderful feature on the weekend and a retrospective on the appeal of the film, sort of an original text for a geek culture movement that hit its mainstream stride much later. I encourage everyone to read it, especially all of those in 1985 who were, like me and my best friends, sleepover-age comic-book reading dorks, who didn't want to discover an amazing treasure buried beneath our sleepy hometowns as much as we just wanted to find our time. Down here.

'Goonies' Fans Descend on Oregon Town to Celebrate Movie's 25th Anniversary [The Washington Post]


    I grew up watching this movie, it was one of those things that my mum put on the TV to shut me up I guess. I was horrified when in conversation with my wife about a year ago that she had never seen The Goonies.

    We went straight to the store and rented it. I was a little bit scared that after all this time having not seen it, I would start looking at all the set and effects and pick it apart. It was good to see it hasn't aged too much and it is still as good as it was back in the day.

    Oh man I loved this film, and was surprised to see it holds up so well. If you haven't seen it in a while, go grab it. At least it has no scary oiled-muscle-man-thusting sax solos like The Lost Boys.

      haha that dude is disturbing. watched it again recently and its things like that which make me love the 80s for how cheesy they were. what a decade.

    My god. My workmate has never seen Goonies. It is a classic and should still hold up today. Truffle Shuffle is a kack. My brother held onto the bike while driving too, almost killed me. Baby Ruth?

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