2K Sports, Hire This Guy

After heralding Michael Jordan's return to video games, NBA 2K11 2K released a trailer comprised of NBA 2K10 footage, none of it featuring Jordan. MessenjahMatt, a pro at Jordan tributes, also used 2K10, but made something a little more blood-pumping.

That's how you do a teaser trailer. I'm not saying put MessenjahMatt on the development team, but the man's got skills to pay your viral video bills. Then again, if a guy was making awesome videos for my stuff for free, I might let him continue doing that.

P.S. Notice that dribble. That carry is period-authentic, straight out of the no-travelling NBA 1990s.

He's Back: Jordan Returns in NBA 2K11 [Operation Sports]


    actually, if you pay attention at 0:25 there's a "blink and you'll miss it" shot of Jordan

    i want to see an actual trailer from 2k11
    NBA Elite is looking pretty 'ballah' seeing as they have made a new way to play the game. Wonder what 2k has to offer

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