3DS Might Get Video Chat

The 3DS can play 3DS games, DS games, it can play 3D movies. What else can it do? How about video chat. In 3D.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said "Technologically speaking, a variety of different things are possible with the 3DS, for example, 3-D video chat."

Interesting. It'd make for a nice tech demo, but since this is Nintendo (and also because 3D cameras aren't exactly common), it's likely you'd only be able to use it to communicate with other 3DS owners, reducing its usefulness.

Besides, they say the camera adds ten pounds in two dimensions. The third dimension may not be worth the self-loathing.

Nintendo's Game Changer [Forbes]


    It's a shame the 3D cameras are on the back. Makes it hard to have a 3D video conversation.

    For 3D video chat only between 3DS, what did you expect?
    They're the only commercially available glasses-free 3D device, what else would they broadcst to?

    It doesn't seem viable at all unless they put two camera on the inside of the 3DS.

    Whats the point? Why not just look at the person next to you in REAL 3D instead of looking at them on the screen?

      I think it's assumed the feature would be functional over the internet.

      Because you could do it over a wireless network to talk to people on the other side of the country or the other side of the planet?

    Like a few others have said before me this article seems to completely miss the fact that the two cameras needed for 3D photography ARE ON THE BACK OF THE LID! How am I supposed to use video chat when the camera is facing away from me whenever I am watching the screen?
    There are also the technical issues and bandwidth needed to sent a 3d streaming video (basically 2 seperate videos at once) between consoles. Overall I think video chat is possible but it will be 2D with the inner camera.

      Surely Nintendo now plans to add 2 to the front as well, they can't be that daft...can they?

    what are all of you idiots!? the camera on the inside would capture your image and would appear 3D on the reciever's top screen duh

    your all right, but the one before me is wrong, the front facing camera can take 2d video because it has only one camera, so it wouldnt be able to do 3d unless your looking at the back.

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