A Closer Look At PlayStation Move’s Plastic Gun

That PlayStation Move gun sure looks...interesting, doesn't it?

I can see the reason it exists. As the Wii has shown, this kind of motion control is calling out for shooting titles. But does it have to look like an old prop from Star Trek: The Next Generation?


    It looks like the gun shoots bubbles.

    I thought for sure Sony would come up with something a lot more bad-ass as a gun attachment.

      you mean, the move didnt convince you of sony's bad assary

    What are you talking about! It's adorable! KYAAAA!

    It looks like something which would go "pew pew pew pew".
    I'm comfortable with that...

    Looks like a Ratchet and Clank weapon.

    If anything is going to persuade me to invest in a PS Move, it's this.

    It looks like a neat little light gun... which blows blue bubbles???

    ummmm, am i the only person who thinks it looks retarded? i mean ps move is an idea that makes me cringe hard enuff, but this little bubble gun thing?......

    Cant anibody see that its the ray gun from call of duty waw nazi zombies!?? =P

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