A Deeper Look Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The year is 2027, the game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

This latest trailer for the upcoming game gives us a bit more insight into the story behind the title. It is a game about human augmentation, about the growing power of corporations and one man's struggle to deal with his kick-ass robotie bits and pieces.

I kinda like the idea of having a hand that can swivel 360 degrees while grasping a person's head. That could come in handy. That and being able to punch through walls to snap necks.

Human augmentation? Sign me up!


    Oh wow, it looks fantastic! Joygasms!

    Anyone else get chills?

      Why isn't this a Manga movie.

    looks great but it wont hold a par to the origional

    I have never played a Deus Ex game before... but this looks amazing

    Oh wow! This looks like being SUCH an awesome movie! This could be the best sci-fi film of 2011!

    What's that? This is supposed to be a game? I didn't notice.

    While it certainly looks and sounds cool, I'm reserving judgement until I know at least SOMETHING about the gameplay. If any of this is going to be in the game then it looks like the developers are going to make the DMC Misjudgment- putting all the awesome action in cutscenes and not leaving anything for the players to do. And if the game uses taking cover to let your health regenerate, I swear I'm going to go on a killing rampage.

      Damn, beaten to it. "Awesome looking movie! I wonder if they'll make a game based off it?"

      Seriously, it was a rad piece of story, but who knows about the game. I bet you won't be able to do half the cool things in the game itself (eg punching through a wall to break a guy's neck). Wasn't that on one of the kotaku writer's "things I hate in games" list? "Your character does things in cutscenes they can't do in the game..."

    Simply Brilliant. Can't wait for more details at E3.

    oh no, you got your Ghost in the Shell in mah Deus Ex! Not that I'm complaining till I see the actual game mechanics you have in mind:)

    Looks like Blade Runner, I'm excited.

    Blade Matrix Runner! Looks very pretty, shame the voice acting is so average.

    Deus ex had a lot of Ghost in The Shell vibes (Gunther and Batou for one of many) but based on this trailer they're just going all out on that angle. Is that really the voice actor they're going with? Really? Can we see some gameplay? But this trailer has me really pumped to find out more and even a little tempted to dig out the first game again. I really loved the old Deus Ex style music they had going.

    Anyone know if this is in-game graphics?

    Pity the voice acting is atrocious. The game looks great. Who wrote the script ffs?

    Matrix Runner Ex in the Shell

    Suddenly jizz EVERYWHERE!!

    Guys that are skeptical about gameplay and graphics, check out IGNs coverage on the game, they have in game screenhsots and a preview that goes pretty in-depth about the gameplay mechanics.


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