A Look At Silent Hill 8 On A Dark, Stormy Night

The psychological horror series Silent Hill appears to be on a return to its roots with the next entry, a dark, stormy and torch-lit scarefest that's very different from the more cerebral and most recent entry, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

The Silent Hill trademarks are intact in this E3 trailer, with a town that transforms from dilapidated, monster-filled hellhole to a rusted, metallic monster-filled hellhole. Even the prison jumpsuits transform in the game they're still calling Silent Hill 8.

Developer Vatra Games and Konami are promising the next Silent Hill game will hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime in 2011, telling the sad story of one Murphy Pendleton.


    If the trailer is anything to go by I won't hold my breath. That guy on the TeVee looks like Sazh...

      Hehe but you are 'Lord Fluffy' so ofcourse it doesn't scare you :)

    Formula for these games has been ruined by the stupid Hollywood movie. When did Silent Hill need to transform right before your eyes, it was more awful when it was scripted because of some tragic event or when announced by the siren in Silent Hill 1. Each Otherworld was different depending on what was going on, now they are all the same. Curse you Silent Hill film.

      As well as the uninspiring American dev teams?

    holy crap... silent hill 8??

    why can't they just... you know... stop?... i mean how much longer before they kill the franchise?

      You mean they haven't yet?

    The speed at which SHs get pumped oout scares me.
    How can they make a quality game in such a short time?

    P.S: I know games come out that quick all the time but I did say "QUALITY".

    Anyone else notice that the trailer for this game is almost the exact same trailer for the Harrison ford movie “The Fugitive” Let me guess, this guy has been falsely imprisoned for killing his wife?

      "It wasnt me...! It was the 10ft mannequin-raping Pyramid Head!"

    Will the "stare" be in this one?

    You can really feel the absence of Akira Yamaoka in this trailer. The music absolutely sucks. It's exactly what I was afraid of. They've gone and ruined it with a dumb cliche horror movie soundtrack.

    What the heck... this trailer's two weeks old. You guys always pull this stunt, reporting on something and pretending you're not the last one to the party.

    I'm pretty sure most actual SH fans will have seen this a while back now. And as we can see from the comments, the non-believers aren't interested.

    How can so many be 'churned out', you ask? That might have something to do with the fact that its multiple development teams...

    Origins (2006) - Climax
    Homecoming (2008) - Double Helix(?)
    Shattered Memories (2009) - Climax
    "SH8" (2011) - Vatra Studios

    Also, for the record, Vatra are not an American team. Plus, actual KCEJ employees are slightly more involved in this one.

    Well here we are at silent hill 8 ...... Let me lay it down real simple - sh1 cool sh2 published as a piece of literature it's that good sh3 nice sh4 different mixed reviews - after 4 didn't bother, maybe origins for 20 mins but didn't really bring anything home - oh speaking of home HOMECOMING was the worst game ever they should be ashamed to put it on a bluray disc. You see the thing is Silent hill is about psychological obscurity and it resides within the formula of the game not a cut and copy of what is popular and cliché. I think if konami are involved with this one it could be great but they need to understand SH exists whin ones mind and is powered by the fear of the player, as SH 2 was such a good story and environment they made a film with 80-90 % of this games content then SH homecoming was a cut and copy of it with it's own disastrous creative crap - no one want to know what the next monster is and especially how to kill it. I also think the only valuable SH content now is a book and the soundtrack to sh 2 - sh1 or sh4. Anyway hope the next one pulls up to be a success if not then SH is doomed.

    Thanks for your eye's

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