A Quick Look At Deus Ex: Human Revolution's New Trailer

The next trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution won't be hitting until Friday, but here are a handful of stills.

Interesting design choices. I especially like the look of the future city. I can't wait to see how well this mock-up turned out when it become moving graphics.


    Will someone PLEASE turn off the sepia filter..

    Its the future... the future can be gritty AND filled with colour.
    Go read 'Transmetropolitan', and get rid of the stained coffee look.
    Its been done to death.

    I guess it could be realistic? Enough smog in the atmosphere, combined with yellow streetlights...

    Or it could be an attempt to make the future look retro; fitting with the Renaissance theme?

    Possible explanations!

      The truth that in the not too distant future i.e. 1972 pastel browns and greens will most probably make for popular wallpaper/house paint colours and will be a popular choice for people choosing cordoroy jeans as a futuristic clothing choice. The iminent release of betamax video will also make for colour as bright and clear as the stills depict as opposed to the black and white we are used to today.


    That last image reminds me of

    That is a good thing.

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