A Working Tron Lightcycle Will Only Cost You $US35,000

Are the Tron: Legacy action figures, boots, backpacks, sunglasses and video games objects that are simply too commonplace for your Tron devotion? How about a street legal, custom built Tron lightcycle, a steal at just $US35,000?

Parker Brothers Choppers of Melbourne, Florida is creating five custom built bikes based on the lightcycle from Tron: Legacy that you can own, if you're rich enough and fast enough to score one off eBay. They'll come with custom tyres, a custom built carbon fibre and steel frame and nearly infinite nerd cred. Of course, they come with a Tron-like neon glow that will impress the ladies.

They're even throwing in a custom Tron helmet. I know. A bargain!

It's doubtful that, as in Tron's lightcycle game, a trail of deadly light will emit from the back and cause your fellow lightcycle owners to explode on impact. But it's pretty close to the real deal.

The Parker Brothers Choppers guys built a pretty convincing Batpod from The Dark Knight, so we'll be more than interested to see how they pull this off.

2010 Custom Built Motorcycles Pro Street Light Cycle CBR R1 [eBay via Geekologie/Gizmodo]


    Now all i need to do is sell my kidney.

    Added to wish list, which now consists of:
    -Daft Punk Helmet (Both)- 2x$65000
    -EL cable woven clothes - $thousands
    -TRON Light Cycle - $35000

    gott im himmel!!!

    one thing is for sure, they look as hard to ride as they are pretty! haha

    I thought it was illegal to have neon lights on a vehicle in Australia, or am I mistaken?

      In Australia, yes. But these are from Melbourne, FLORIDA.

    Now I'm torn between getting this and getting Kaneda's motorcycle from AKIRA.


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