Activision In Talks Over More Non-Movie Transformers Games

Transformers: War For Cybertron is good enough to deserve a sequel, but that doesn't mean a second game in the universe will be another shooter.

BotCon, the world's biggest Transformers fans convention, was held over the weekend, and part of the festivities was a Q&A session between fans and Matt Tieger (High Moon Studios) and Aaron Archer (Hasbro).

One of the questions a fan posed was whether the success of WfC could lead to a "brand expansion", with an example given being a Transformers role-playing game.

Archer responded that it's something the toy giant is "considering" (the expansion in general terms, not an RPG specifically), that the game "presents an opportunity" and that they're "talking with Activision" about the future of the franchise.

To show he's serious about his games, Archer joked that he'd love to see a racing game: Twisted Metal Transformers.

I like where this is going. The adventures of the original animated Transformers had solid, lovable characters while subsequent comic series have introduced some great storylines. Mass Effect: Robots In Disguise would go down very well with a lot of people.

BotCon 2010 - Activision: Transformers in Gaming [Tformers]


    Eh, War for Cybertron was...good but it was missing something. my main non spoiler complaint. That and I can only play multiplayer online (which I don't have) along with Escalation. But it was missing that something that made me think that it was a great game, not just a good game.

    Not sure if adding RPG style things would fix that for me.

    I hope they give another transformers game a green light. War for Cybertron is the most fun I have had in ages. Especially multiplayer.

    a transformers RPG??? Please god let it happen...

    was thinking of getting WfC.. Would anyone recommend it?

      If your a Transformers fan, than it's a must purchase. It a good shooting game, and the class based Multiplayer is great, just wish so many people didn't play deathmatch. It is a $60 game you can complete campaign mode in less than a week. Although even on Medium there where some instant death moments, and the bosses felt like bosses.

      Speaking of racing games, Some of my favourite parts in the game where the Autobot opening chapter where you raced around on the roads and occaisonally turned into a robot to climb over obstacles. Of course I did discover the alternative paths and didn't follow my hopeless AI companaions.

      Even if it was just 2 player split screen it would have really benefitted from local co-op.

    What if you go ahead and do a Battlefield style Transformers game? That will allow land and aerial based transformers!

    oh yes please activision wfc was one of the best games this year i am a slave to your transformers games im already a slave to your guitar hero and call of duty

    Dr Optimus: falling Energon block puzzler.

    Cybertron Age of Empires: RTS

    Leisure Suit Lazerbeak: text/click adventure where a sleazy Cassette/Bird of Prey tries to get laid, with hilarious results.

    World of Warpath Online: MMO with lame tank protagonist.

    And so on.

    I think I'd like to see something with a bit more strategy and a bit less repetition.
    War for Cybertron was OK, but they needed more named people to fight... it felt a little cheap with all the generic bad guys to fight and so few real antagonists.

    I'd be fine with a similar game as a sequel but would like to see something like an RPG element... maybe an upgrade system (as in adding new components to the transformers, I guess mini-cons could work), and more effort to bring the world to life with more fights with named enemies or even just randomize the look of the swarms a little...

    And it wouldnt have been bad to make the "planes" feel a bit more like planes and less like hovercraft with a rocket booster.

    Actually all the vehicles felt a bit wrong, they should have treated the ground vehicles like a racing game (with an accelerator, brake, Boost button and a trigger for guns... not that all land vehicles need guns...).

    I think the PS2 Transformers game (based on Armada) was a much better game.

    Screw a sequel, it's time for a Transformers: The Movie complete adaption. A game that simply goes through the events of the film from the opening commandeering of the Autobot shuttle, to zooming through the Canyon as Hot Rod (Dare by Stan Bush required) all the way to the Battle of Autobot City, fighting the Sharkticons, and eventually taking on Unicron. Please make this game come true!

    Hello to all Transformers Fans

    I reckon that if the High Moon Studios, hasbro & activision companies are going to make the sequels of TF WFC then i think the next title will be for the next Transformers Game is The War Within Cybertron based on comic book and the story gameplay with be at Cybertron the first half and the last half on earth.

    Here's my brother would say that it will be called Transformers The War For Earth and that story gameplay goes 1/4 on cybertron and the rest goes on earth.

    For the Next Transformers Game Please Add any of the Combiners Team on the both sides of the Autobots and the Decepticons because that will be a dream come true.

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