Activision Presents A Woman On A Pole

Activision's big E3 blowout last night featured performances by Usher, Z-Trip, Jane's Addiction, Eminem, Soundgarden, and this lovely young, scantily clad lady riding a pole six metres in the air.

After a rapid-fire presentation of musical artist after musical artist, this brave performer came onto the stage at the Staples centre, made her way halfway up a pole running from the stage to the ceiling, and then showed all of those other so-called performers how it's done.

Look for my full account of the massive Activision event later today. For now, admire the skill of the most competent performer there.


    as a game journo you have to make sacrifices for the gamers dont you fellas. Im sure it was horrible to watch that *cough*.

    Rockers, rappers and a stripper. Well, I'm sure that tells you what Activision thinks of their customer base.

      Are they wrong?

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