Akira Movie To Be PG-13?

Well, The Dark Knight was PG-13.

It has been confirmed that Albert Hughes of the Hughes Brothers directing fame will be helming the project without his brother. It was previously thought that Allen Hughes would be taking the lead on the project. According to the film's producer Andrew Lazar, he is not, and Albert will be flying solo this time.

Originally released in 1982, Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira debuted. The manga become a feature film anime, directed by Otomo. Akira changed the way many outside Japan thought about Japanese animation. Over the years, Akira has gotten several video game adaptations, including 1988 Famicom game as well as a PS2 titles.

Instead of trying to cram all of 2000+ pages of the Akira manga epic into two hours, Warner Bros. is planning on releasing the film in two parts. Each part would cover three volumes of the manga. Albert Hughes, however, seems only interested in directing the first part.

"I'm not into sequels," he said in a recent interview. "I don't even know if I wanna be around for the sequel. I'm just focusing on the first movie."

It was also thought that the guys who wrote the first Iron Man flick would be adapting Akira. Things have changed, and scribe Albert Torres has been brought on to pen the script. He has a couple projects in development, but his only produced screenplay is Henry Poole Is Here.


    If something is great, like Akira, does it really need to be fiddled with?

      Agreed, my spidey senses are telling me they should leave akira the hell alone. Its means to much to many people as it is without giving it the Hollywood abortion treatment.

    Henry Poole is Here. Henry Poole... wtf. I just watched that trailer. The writer of this is responsible for... wait, no, just.. NO.

    So they are going to take Akira, and give it the dumb-American treatment? Great. Can't wait for Wil Smith to sign up as the title character. No really.

      They have cast Keanu Reeves as Spike Speigel for the live-action Cowboy Bebop movie, so unfortunately there is prescident for casting completely inappropriate actors for anime/manga Hollywood adaptions...

    I'm interested in seeing how they will make a movie with a cast composed entirely of whiteys (and that WILL happen) will stay relevant to the namesake of the source material. Any money Akira ends up being a secret prokect from WWII era Japan.
    This is going to end up like a sci-fi Fast and The Furious on bikes.

    Can you PLEASE stop reporting on this? We already know the film is going to blow goats, so reporting new developments in crappiness is just going to depress us more. The only news I want to hear about it now is that the project has fallen through due to "irredeemable shitness".

    This was IMO a very smart cyberpunk meets biopunk crossover and I only saw the original Animie which I beleive has an M15+ rating. Although I don't know how an Australian PG compares to American PG-13.

    Clash of the Titans was one of my favourite movies of all time, the special effects held up well even in the era of CGI. Than hollywood remade it; ok maybe it'll be good, now it's in 3D; there's a small chance it's ok. And than the movie started and they cut the greek pantheon down to Zeus and Hades, changed Persius to the the son of Zeus rather than the son of Posiedon and basically dumbed down the whole thing.

    Is it too hard to comprehend for most Audiances the big three gods of the Greek pantheon? Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif kept the big three concept relitivly unscathed. And that was a kids movie.

    A live action Akira will be about riding futuristic motorcycles around futuristic Japan. The end. Hollywood will strip out meaning and substance and whinge we would all rather play video games than see this lovingly crafted movie that we should all want to see.

    Akira is going to be like biting into a Hollow apple, it's shiny and looks delicous but once you bite into it you find nothing there.

    When the plot of a Video Game has more twists and turns and unexpected moments than a movie which is all about the plot, we lose interest. Because of this mentality from Hollywood, one of the best movies I've seen recently was Harry Brown, thank you Britain.

      Just wait for the horrible video game tie-in, which will be a racing game, also focusing on futuristic motorcycles riding around a futuristic Japan. *shudder*

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