Alan Wake Ads Inspires Fear Of The Dark In Canada

Our neighbours to the north have likely already seen and been irrevocably horrified by Alan Wake's big, spooky and, most important, clever ad push, which intimidated Canadians with its warnings about just how evil the darkness is.

Ad firm MacLaren McCann's promotional push for the Xbox 360 game is likely Old News to some Canadian gamers, but it's new to some of us. The spots put a big emphasis on the game's light and dark gameplay through giant nightlights that cast light in the shape of coffins, light bulbs that look like nooses and, my personal favourite, the "In case of psychotic lumberjack, break glass" installation.

Ads of the World has the whole lot of rad Alan Wake ads, if you're a fan or a budding ad exec looking for some inspiration.


    Our neighbors to the north? Am I on the wrong site?

    Now if only the game was scary in any way shape or form, alas.

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