Alice In Chains? Dubai? This Must Be The Spec Ops Trailer

If Spec Ops: The Line was a movie instead of a game, and had released this trailer in 1994 instead of 2010, with all that slo-mo and Alice in Chains, it would be just about the most awesome thing ever.

Since it's not, though, we have to take it for what it is: a shooter that lets you use terrain to shape the battlefield. Somewhat unique, sure, but that won't shake the fact it's also about a team of American soldiers fighting a war in a country full of sand, which is less unique.


    Hahaha that was so well done.
    Rooster was the best song that could be used for it.

    You haven't truly played Duck Hunt until you've played it with Alice In Chains pumping through the speakers.

    Same goes for Solitaire.

    looks pretty fuckin AWESOME

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