An Old "Friend" Returns In Portal 2

How many times did you watch that amazing Portal 2 trailer? Enough to catch a glimpse of an old friend?

Take a look behind the busted supports on the right side of the screen.

I say "friend" because while you do form a bit of an attachment to the Companion Cube during the game, the unrelenting over-use of the little box as a meme eventually turned it into something of an enemy for many.

Let's hope that's exactly why it's there. It's now an Enemy Cube. And you have to hunt it down and tear its little pink hearts out.


    Can it talk? I didn't hear it say anything in the first game but GladOS was saying not to listen to it, must have just been a joke.


      She was referring to emotional attachments that some of the past subjects may have formed with the cube. Due to a lack of interactive company, they may have become attached to the inanimate object, similar to the bond which develops between Chuck Noland and Wilson in Cast Away.

        Though it was specifically placed in an Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator.

          Yes but a) who knows if that incinerator was operational, and b) who knows if they made more than one companion cube. Presumably they did.

            ...and three, there was a companion cube in the basement with the cake surrounded by GLaDOS modules at the end of Portal

    I never actually finished Portal, I just sat quietly on my companion cube, praying for mercy from GLaDos and after an hour I realised there was no mercy only neurotoxins.

    omg people stop over thinking it! it was a joke! if you didnt get it go back to gears of war, or something.

    "they all want cake" - strangers with candy

    I -thought- I spotted that! I guess it makes sense, these look like chutes that lead to a central incinerator; either by mishap or a stroke of luck, the Cube lives on!

    I caught it first time ;) I was sort of looking for it - expecting that one of the memes of Portal would be present. I didn't see anything about cake though.

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