Angry Tea Party Guy Makes Video Game More Scary

If you were waiting for the day angry Tea Party protesters could be used to hype action-packed video games, wait no more. That day has arrived.

The Tea Party is a conservative political movement of great and growing popularity in the United States, a movement that loves Sarah Palin but might have more mixed feelings about some of its members... like this stridently anti-Communist ranting man. Which party would be proud of this guy? He doesn't seem like a very reasonable guy.

But maybe he has a point when he tells us that the only good Communist is a dead Communist? Or at least, maybe his message of hate for the Reds dovetails perfectly with the themes of 2011 video game Homefront, which will let players join a near-future American insurgency against a unified Communist Korea that his invaded the US of A (Read all about Homefront in Kotaku's preview of the game.)

Angry Tea Party Guy has made it into the hype reel for the Homefront video game. Find him in this video... he shows up at the moment it is clear that America is in bad shape, though I can't say he makes me feel any better about our hopes for recovery:

Homefront depicts a future in which America is hit with a second economic downturn, stricken by a flu outbreak and even has the Mississippi irradiated by the Koreans. I guess it also is a future that contains the angry Tea Party guy.

But who is the president on watch when America starts crumbling? Obama in 2012? Palin? Some great Tea Party person? One of the creators of the game tells Kotaku that they are leaving the identity of our future leaders open to speculation. They don't want to say any one politician caused these problems, well, other than the made-up son of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who invades America.

I don't know how far the Tea Party is going to go in this year's elections, but they can at least say they made it into video games, sort of. Cultural success!


    A point of clarification,

    The "Tea Party" is not one giant centralized movement. Its actually a lot of small movements that use the same name.

    And not ALL of them are Conservative. The "9/12" Tea Party movements are, but many Tea Partiers are Classical Liberals (libertarians in US terminology), not Conservatives. These usually despise Sarah Palin.

    So please, when dealing with political movements, lets remember that not all members of any single group necessarily have the same views. Thank you.

    Teabaggers are the most despicable political group in America right now. When Bush was president and rational people questioned all his retarded policies, their motto was "He won. Live with it" (though the 'win' is still questionable).

    Now Obama's the President, they seem to do nothing but picket shit and bitch until he buckles.

      Most of the Tea Party actually started in response to the bailouts and stimulus; a policy started by Bush.

      At the time of Bush's re-election, he didn't have a policy plank saying "when the economic crisis comes around in 1.5 years, I'll be bailing out the banks."

      Yes, some elements of the Tea Party are the disaffected Republican base (the 9/12 Tea Party groups). But saying this applies to ALL of them is a clear case of not doing the research. Its like arguing that every single member of the Democratic party shares the same political and economic views (and they don't).

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