Animal Crossing 3DS Screens Already In Debt To Tom Nook

I'm not sure whether this is an upcoming game or a technical demo, but...actually, it's Animal Crossing, of course this will eventually show up on the Nintendo 3DS.

Interesting, too, that despite appearing on a handheld it's easily the best-looking Animal Crossing game to date. And is that a character redesign I see? They look taller.


    I really wish they didnt screw with the models of the characters. They look freakish and out of proportion, they could've updated the look without touching that.

    And in the end it just looks like it's a higher-res version of a 10 year old engine.

      Hey Ryan, it's me Ryan XD
      I was thinking the same thing, one of the features I like so much about AC was the simple character art style.

      If you change the proportions, you change everything.

        I disagree, I think they need to update the games art direction. They could upgrade the graphics a little bit, to breathe some fresh air into a franchise that is basically unchanged since Wild World.

        A new design scheme would have made the Wii version more than AC:WW, plus a small city area.

        I am quite disappointed... It doesn't have to be made using the Unreal Engine, but SOMEthing different. Like the new direction of Kirby: Epic Yarn. I mean AC looks simple like it does because it was originally intended for the N64. Lets step it up a little bit...

        As for the game itself? Looks largely unchanged at this point.You can even recognise the same furniture in the houses.

        Getting tired of Nintendo's "Innovation" in which they take something old, add one or two new things and re-sell it.

    It looked unsettling when they stretched Bomberman's legs, and it looks unsettling now.

    I'm interested on how Toom Nook is going to extort bells outta us again

    I'm wondering if it'll have much new content, or if it'll just be the same game over and over again (as Wild World and City Folk mostly were).

    Meh. I'd rather see Harvest Moon 3DS. These sprites are freaking creepy. What's with the eyes?

    I kind of like the new 3D affect it gives out !! its fresh and new but the thing i dont like is that most of the animal crossing games are the same i wish we could own a house boat on the game or go up to space and add mim games and pirates can come and they could own a shop and more thing to do then fishing and paying off your house!!!

      u go girl thats what i want in an ac game XD dont forget a private jet whats 3d with air action!

    guys mabye if we use the 3d slider thing and turn it all the way down the ppl will get all stubby again

    I just hope they didn't make the village that big. So you spend half an hour to get to the other side of town. That was so boring when you were collecting fruit. It took ages. I just like the compact world of AC Wild World. Still my favourite.
    You could collect pictures of the villagers in your town. That was the best part of Animal Crosing. They took that out in de Wii version wich made me very mad!
    If they didn't bring that back ....i'm not buying this one. And I hope they did something with the grass thing. They really messed that up in de Wii version. Where's the beauty of Wild World gone.

    The only thing I have found disappointing is most defiantly the character's body. It is way to stretched out and out of proportion. But all the other graphics look amazing, the leaves on the trees, the waves in the beach, and the sand look all so much more crisp and detailed. However I do hope that they take this game a step farther than wild world by allowing you to do some new things. Things like being able to sail across the sea until u find a new village or island and make more ways to interact with your friends rather than just seeing who can catch the most fish in 5 minutes.

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