Apple Introduces The iPhone 4

Steve Jobs has confirmed at WWDC 2010 that what Gizmodo got their hands on in April was the next iPhone - the iPhone 4.

At 9.3mm wide it's the world's thinnest smartphone, with a front-facing camera and a 326 pixel per inch "retina display", a resolution never-before-seen on a phone, delivering 940x640 pixels and a contrast ratio of 800:1, four times better than the 3GS. What will it mean for gamers?


    wow, surprised that he is actually going to release this

      No offence meant to Apple, but I think they pretty much announced it months back when they left the prototype at a bar and caused a fiasco with the editors of Gizmodo.

    I'd like to know where they are producing all the Apple Kool Aid and where they are getting all the buckets to put it in.

    Why wouldn't apple release it? Every one is going to be all over it... They have really set the standard as 'the phone' to have.

    Having said this, in the iphone presentation on the apple site, they do make it sound like their improvements are groundbreaking. The video chat has been around for years, I am not sure why this wasn't included on the first iphone!

    I am happy with my 3G iphone, I wouldn't go back to any other phone... it seems to do every thing I need and it keeps surprising me with the ongoing apps that come out.

    Am I the only one that reckons they kind of ruined the look with this version?

    It doesn't really stand out like the previous version IMO

      completely agree, when i saw the "bar" phone i thought it must have been is a quick knock-up case...guess not :(

      I actually quite like the new look. The 'old' iphone was a bit too curvy for me. My ipod nano recently broke and my current phone is 5 years old so i probably will pick one of these up.

      i agree too, dosent have the apple iphone feel anymore, feels like a normal nokia or something

    frame looks tacky and cheap

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