Apple Sells Three Million iPads In 80 Days

The iPad, which still hasn't quite proven itself as a solid gaming machine, just hit the three million mark. That's three million in 80 days. Not bad.


    I really only just noticed they're white on the back... are they all like this? I know the 3G model has some strip on the top though.

    White - even more of a reason not to buy it.

      It's not white. The back is silver/brushed metal

        Then a poor marketing decision on Apple's behalf, cause that my friend looks white. More white than silver anyway - same with the Apple site.

        We don't need more excuses to not to buy it really considering there are so many reasons out there already AND no one is listening to them anyway.

    Everyone jump on the gimmick bandwagon before it leaves! Oh's never going to leave is it?

      Not as long as Apples marketing department lives and breathes.

    I will consider the purchase when iOS4 arrives and i can multitask.

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