Apple Sells Two Million iPads

On launch day, Apple sold 300,000 iPads. It's now sold a whole lot more.

Kicked along by the tablet's international launch last week, which saw the device become available in Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada, Apple declared today that over two million iPads have been sold in less than two months.

For a piece of kit that was unusually derided in the lead up to its release, with its purpose unsure and its specifications underwhelming, those are some frightening numbers.

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Two Million People Now Own iPads [Gizmodo]


    That's scary. The iPad, from a technical spec point of view, is a piece of crap (pardon the language). It doesn't even have USB connectivity!
    Out of curiosity, I would like to know the percantage of iPad purchasers that have little to no knowledge of tech things, and just purchased it because a) it looked cool or b) everyone else was.

      You've hit it on the head mate. Most of the world doesn't give a crap about the 'technical specs'. I have no clue about what's inside the thing and I couldn't care less. What's the efficiency of Megan Fox's liver? I don't care, she looks hot.

        I wouldn't say don't care, maybe don't know!

        Discussing the iPad with a mate who wanted one and was thinking about getting one, changed their mind when the lack of a USB port in the iPad was mentioned.

        Its all about marketing. Market it as something revolutionary (please Apple, give us an example) makes people think WOW! Not only that, catalogues tend to skip these sorts of features out.

        A laptop with crap RAM won't get a mention of the RAM unless you look it up or ask in store. No one would really ask about USb connectivity cause we EXPECT IT. Its handy, popular and easy to use. I don't see the logic in not including USB with the iPad really...

        Of corse JB HIFI ain't gonna say "NO USB PORTS!" or anything... but people expect a little bit of info. is the only info they need. Unless you get on a computer, read some sites and reviews from consumers - you ain't gonna see the whole picture.

        But yeah, my point is - a lot of people just don't know rather than don't care. Its not until they're pointed out about something (USB & iPad) that they realize and understand and well... care!

          Perhaps people have read the reviews and know that a card reader and USB port is available for the iPad.

    It's specifications "underwhelming" compared to what though? a ps1, the space shuttle, 13,000 monkeys? The derision that everyone talks about comes from a small vocal crowd of tech nerds, not the rest of us.

    Out of interest... anyone on here grab one?

    I myself am in the 'meh' boat on this one. The only impressive thing I have seen so far is WIRED magazines adaption of how a magazine can be presented on the iPad. Pretty damn cool...

    The thing that it is missing though is Flash support. Thats a pretty big deal that Mac need to address.

    It does have some USB connectivity, it is just an add-on. You can hook up keyboards, card readers, cameras etc. if you want to.

    And, really from a tech-spec point of view, the battery life and touch-screen size for the price is pretty cheap, plus a built in distribution platform for developing and a cheap developers kit that also allows you to develop for all apple products makes it pretty interesting.

    I am currently learning objective C to program apps for disabled people, as a platform an extremely light, very responsive touch screen with a long battery life and decent graphics allows all manner of interface driven software to exist, at a very reasonable price-point.
    There are communication devices for the speech-impaired (kind of like what Stephen Hawking uses) that start at around $3000 and go up to $14,000, We can deliver similar functionality on an iPad for less than $800 including the pad itself. That is a breakthrough device, and you don't have to worry about viruses etc. I understand hard-core users not wanting a bar of the ipad, but for people looking at an interface device, or a user that wants basic web computing without worrying about virus and configuration problems, it is a nice piece of kit.

      Oh wow, That is a really cool use of the iPad.

      Because the prouct is still so young there aren't too many applications out there that proves why the iPad deserves a place on the market. Apple are no doubt a smart company and realise the potential behind the product. Give it another 6 months and I think it will prove to be a worthwhile gadget. Having said all that, I am still a little underwhelmed by it.

    There was a guy next to me who had one on the train this morning.
    To me it seemed like he was trying very hard to use anything and everything, flipping through apps, writing notes then deleting them, etc, in an attempt to justify spending a ridiculous amount of money on subpar technology.

    I am still waiting to come up with a reason for buying an iPad. I have not yet found one.

    I really dont get the point of the Ipad.
    I have to come to call it the IFAD as i feel it is only a fad.

    If I have say an Iphone and laptop why would I need an Ipad..

    And not to mention the fact there isn't any flash I really dont see the point of this decvice at all.

      Understandably it's difficult for some people to 'get the point' of the iPad. Mostly it's the same people who would also be likely to comment on an article on a tech/gaming website. I'm sitting at a cafe at the moment typing this on an iPad. I wouldn't sit here on a laptop and I wouldn't want to browse the net on a tiny phone screen/keyboard. It's simply a device that makes browsing the net casual, vivid and tactile - a feeling which millions of people relate to.

      What is with the obsession with flash? I can't think of a single reason why it will be missed when the whole world eventually moves on and finally gets rid of it (hopefully)

        I can honestly say I didn't get it. Then I used one... I can now say with absolute honestly I STILL DON'T GET IT.

        I keep asking people - what does it do?
        "oh, it goes on the net"

        What is wrong with using a small laptop/netbook at a cafe?

        iPad - pros.

        iPad - cons
        restricted to one OS.
        restricted to apple's apps.
        no HDMI (my biggest concern).
        $40 for a USB port.
        Printing is hopeless...
        File sharing even more so.

        If everyone is so worried about viruses - use linux, however this is another debate entirely.

    You tits.

    Really- who bought this piece of crap?

    i wouldnt mind one to pick up chicks (Y)

    Well I bought one its great to use essentially as a toy and if you have the dough to spend I don't see why not .The issue with USB ports would be the possibility of viruses :\

    Jeez guys, at least try one out before caning the thing. Once and for all, if you want a usb port, you can buy one for $40 and it comes with a card reader as well, you can plug in cameras, USB headphones, USB keyboards, an iphone etc.

    And why is it subpar technology? Who has a tablet as thin and light with as much battery life and as many apps??

    I wish it had a camera, and I wish the USB was built in, but it isn’t underpowered or sub-par, it does everything you’d expect and the pricing is pretty damn good. Everything runs fast on it.
    I understand if you want a full-fledged PC then this isn’t for you, but a lot of people don’t want the hassle of a full PC and all the complexity that comes with it. I’m finding the devkit really easy to get around, and there are heaps of apps for most needs. For business you can hire a programmer to write your own apps for not much money, and you don’t have the virus headaches.

    I just don’t understand the hate for the device, I can understand a dislike for the marketing, but the device itself is well thought out, more than powerful enough for nearly any use (other than hard-core gaming) you can think of and decently priced.

    (oops I am a tit! I posted this in the wrong spot, flame-suit on!)

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