Are You Good Enough To Write Dragon Quest?

Like Dragon Quest? Want to, perhaps, write Dragon Quest games? OK, read on.

Square Enix is taking job applications for those interested in writing future Dragon Quest games. That could be you! Well, if you live in Japan and are fluent in Japanese. Hopefuls need to submit two writing samples. One is an essay about an experience with the DQ series. The other?

According to website Siliconera, applicants need to submit a short story that deals with four of these six themes: a legendary sword, a pot lid, a memory that makes you smile, psychic powers, a beautiful woman disguised as a man, and first love.

This isn't uncommon for Square Enix. In the past, the company has opened advertised on Japanese game news sites that it is hiring. An open application process like this means the company can *hopefully* spot new talent.

So, new talent, get to it!

シナリオスタッフ募集 [Square Enix via Siliconera]


    I will select The legendary sword, pot lid, psychic powers and a beautiful woman disguised as a man and write a story titled "The Ocarina of Time"

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