Armageddon Cat Will Ruin Your Team Fortress 2 Achievement Dreams

For the Team Fortress 2 player obsessed with joylessly grinding for Steam achievements, the community creates special maps. One of those achievement whoring maps has a special, apocalyptic surprise. A furious feline filled with lasers and bees. Bees? Bees!!

Want to experience this furry Armageddon yourself? Look for a server running "achievement_all_v4", part of a series of achievement focused maps replete with ammo, bots and Team Fortress 2 players longing to acquire the hundreds of virtual accolades Valve has stuffed into the game.

PC Gamer has a deeper look at the delightfully wacky and murderous cat-filled map, which will also teach players how to spawn their own fuzzy doom.

Thanks, Graham!


    That is 27 kinds of awesome. I wish they had animated the cat though.

    BTW are their any games that automatically change your voice when things happen to you? Like garble your voice if you are on fire, or make your voice whisper if you are camping etc.?

      In CSS (CounterStrike Source) all mic talk gets mumbled while you are under water, even while spectating!

    While this is amazingly awesome, I STILL hate achievement servers and refuse to play on them.

    I can't wait to jump on a server and play this level.

    They don't allow you to have bees in here.

    I don't even play TF2 but that is awesome.

    That is frakking hilarious!

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