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Every Wednesday, Goose asks you to Ask Him Stuff. But since Goose isn't here today, how about you ask ME stuff instead?

If you have a burning question about what it's like to work as a freelance games journo, or want to know my opinion on something, or just feel like shootin' the breeze, then leave a comment and I’ll do my best to reply this afternoon.


    If you have written a potentially popular flash game, say like Sydney Shark or something like that, how do the developers go about making money off of it? What is the business model?

    What are your thoughts on the Kinect?

      I'm sceptical, but curious. Until I actually have a chance to go hands-on with the device, I can't really say much more than that. I do think MS's presentation was a total disaster, though. Wrong crowd, wrong event.

        I honestly thought I’d see a bit more innovation than I did. The Kinect just reinforced the notion that the name of the game is ‘follow the leader’

        I've been talking for quite a while about interfaces. It seems to me that we are plateauing with consumer-grade computer power/speed/size etc--the traditional measurements of 'power' of a computer. Those have been under enormous evolutionary pressure as far back as PCs have been manufactured. The keyboard, mouse and gamepad, however, have hardly changed.

        I have said for a long time that interface is the biggest hurdle we've yet to properly address. I don't just mean 'controller' because that's a whole paradigm right there, a fundamental assumption that we have to use our bodies, mostly our fingers, to 'control' a computer. What other drastically different ways might there be?

        The Kinect (and Wii well before it) are interesting experiments. I'm glad to see someone is out there really pushing the envelope and trying it. They have to sell us their less-than-perfect attempts to fund iterative designs though, so while the Kinect might not be the answer (I don't think it is), its definitely part of the evolution towards something really different.

          What we need is some sort of platform kinda like a treadmill type thing that we are able to walk on and it accounts for our movement to keep us in the one spot but acts as if we were actually running or side stepping then you can simulate crouching merely with having a sensor on your chest and if it moves above the general hight you jumped below you crouching and so forth

          because motion contrtollers as they are are missing the feedback that one realistically gets from being in the real world, which kinda breaks the immersion

          unfortunatly the sheer effort size and cost of such a device will basically mean it never happens

    Can you put a link for "Back to the page you just came from" on the individual story/article pages on this site? I hate writing a comment on a story, then going back through trying to find where I was up to in the feed!

      you can always open the reply link in a new tab that way you reply and close that tab and the original is still at the same point

        Yeah, duly noted. I'll try to remember that--but still seems clunky to me :P

    What's the best way to avoid jock itch come summertime?

      Aloe Vera moisturising cream.

    One more question. Are you the same Dan Staines that worked for PCPP circa 2000?

      Yep! Back when Goose was editor. Circle of life, eh?

    Is Gabe a non PS3 hater now?

    Will more Valve games come to PS3, like L4D?

    What's your top news from E3 out of what we've seen currently?

      Hard to say. At the moment, I'm kind of psyched about the new Metroid: Other M trailer. I'm surprised it looks so good!

    My son has been waking up almost every hour through the night and I am having trouble sleeping.

    I used my 5am wake up call yesterday to watch the Kinect press thingy on Foxtel.

    My question is, what games should I play if I get up. Note that my eyes are half closed and it is already about 5 degrees at home so limited movement or concentration are essential.

    I have a Xbox 360, PS3, iPod touch, Wii and a PSP.

      I've always found Puzzle Quest on PSP (or iPod?) to be a good time-waster when you're half awake. It requires a bit of concentration, but not toooo much. Other than that, buy a DS and get New York Times Crosswords. I swear to god I've spent more hours on that than all of my other handheld games combined.

    I've never played the Metal Gear (Solid) series but its recent releases and hype have me curious. Given the incredible amount of fan service in the series which installment should I start at? The 1987 original (if so what format?) or some thing more middle ground?

    I have a X360, PSP, PS3, Mac / PC, iPhone and could see if either the old NES or Game Gear still work.

      Nah, don't bother with the original, or the sequel(s). Go straight to MGS, preferably the Twin Snakes version if you can get a hold of it. From there it's a straight line: MGS, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4. If you only have time for one, go for 3: it's a masterpiece. (Also, check out the Acid games on PSP. They're not "real" Metal Gear, but they're hell of fun.)

    Maybe I'm crazy and it's just me, but is there a reason the mobile site is sometimes behind on articles? One day it'll have all the same stuff, the next it'll be... well, a day behind. Does stuff have to be manually pushed to the mobile site or something? I noticed when I got an iPad, I had to load the full site to get newer articles sometimes...

    The editors picks are getting stale considering the E3 news spewing forth, do you have the power to update it, highlighting key information amongst the deluge we are recieving.

      I guess my question has been answered.

    Any news on Def Jam 4 Street Legends?

    Also what's your impressions of Nintendo DS 3D is it going to be bigger than ben hur or virtual boy mk 2?

    There has been a distinct lack of talk regarding Eegra, which is where I know you from.

    I loved Eegra, whats happening with it...?

    Also, considering Eegras attitude towards this site in particular, I'm surprised to see you here.

      Well, it isn't really appropriate to discuss it here, but the short answer is: Eegra is not dead. Expect some news soon.

      And yeah, I'm well aware of the irony, trust me. But hey, times change.

    How'd you first get into the industry? What was your first official 'job' as a games journo?

      See my answer to Andrew Burdesel above.

    How many weeks ago did you change the picture??? I only just noticed!

    Where do people rent games these days?? I've spent WAY TOO MUCH money on games in the last 6 months and I've got more games I want to play but not necessarily own forever. I went into Blockbuster the other day and not only did they have an terrible selection but it was like $6 a day for new games. Are there any other cheaper alternatives??

    Has there been any word on whether the ESPN on Xbox 360 announced at the Microsoft press conference is coming to Australia? It would be one less reason to fork out the cash for Foxtel if it did...

    of your viewing of infamous 2, does Cole still have his awesome backpack with dangly bits?


    Does the new 360 still eat discs if you move it?

    Nope, it does an even *better* job!

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