AU Diary: Hangin’ With Mario And Snake

AU Diary: Hangin’ With Mario And Snake

Nintendo are hosting an exclusive Super Mario Galaxy 2 launch in Sydney on Thursday evening. And you’re invited.

Well, actually, only two of you are invited.


If you’re over 18 years of age, available on the evening of Thursday, June 3, from 6pm to 10pm, and can make it into the Sydney CBD, then I’d like to hear from you.

All you have to do is email me between now and midnight tonight and describe in less than 100 words which Mario game is your favourite, and why. Easy.

It’s a busy week for events, actually. Earlier today I met up with Konami and played some co-op missions from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. I also took home with me a copy of the final game, so I’ll be writing about that later this week.

And finally, before I head off for the day, I should announce a few outstanding competition winners:

* No More Heroes 2 – I couldn’t decide who should ge the fifth and final prize, so yesterday I asked for your thoughts. After taking on board all your comments, and sleeping on the decision overnight, I’ve decided to award the final prize to Mick D – he of the Manny Calavera scythe-from-behind scenario. Well done, Mick!

* Blur – The winners of last Friday’s final Blur draw are Andrew R and his “Periscope Mole” and Caligari and his/her “Dimension Gate”, both clever yet practical ideas I can see adding a cool element of unpredictability to any arcade racing game. Well done, guys!


  • I got excited until I read ‘Sydney’. Oh well! Maybe one day there will be an event in Melbourne.

    One can only dream…

  • well done to the winners – more awesome stuff as usual.

    Also good luck to the people who may be heading to the launch event – i very much look forward to hearing about it!

  • Well that time is right smack bang after my final Cross Cultural Management lecture. So I can’t make it. But, I can still tell people what my fav Mario game is.

    Mario paint (Specifically the music maker in the game)

    Because I heard somewhere that seminal urban-gangster rapper 50 cent actually used the music maker in the game to synthesise the beats on his first demo tape. And honestly, where would we all be had it not been for the lyrical and musical genius of 50 cent. I know the songs “In da club” and “i got swag” got me through some hard times.

    Who of us can say they haven’t been personally touched by the music of this virtuoso? That’s why I give Mario paint the award of best game ever.

    This new found power of italics has opened a Pandora’s box

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