Aussie Nintendo Store: Face, Ace, Blaster

Hooray for consistency, both Wii and DSi owners today get a handful of games to check out. Some are old, some are remakes of old and some are brand new. Let's begin.

Virtual Console

Mario Tennis 64 (N64 - 1000 Points) - Arguably the best Mario sports title on the Nintendo 64, is developed by Camelot no less. Like all Mario sports games, it's a wild and wacky take on the sport but still delivers a great tennis experience. Just in time for Wimbledon.


Blaster Master Overdrive (Sunsoft - 1000 Points) - A remake of the original class is finally here. It's been a long time coming. Overdrive is probably the best way to describe this version too as everything has been ramped and up and controls tightened. The graphics and sound have also gotten a complete overhaul with cool remixed tunes.

Ant Nation (Konami - 700 Points) - Before you all have a laugh, yes it's a Ant Farm simulator but it's actually not too bad... if a little bland in the graphics department. But it's Ants! What are you meant to do? Make them all huge and have them fight other insects with super powers? Actually...


Face Pilot: Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera! (Nintendo - 500 Points) - After last weeks DSi Camera related got pulled by Nintendo, they're back with another one. This one uses the camera this time to use... well as the name suggests, your face to fly. I had a quick go at this and it worked well, but like all camera games it will rely on your surroundings and lighting.

Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects - Revenge (Ubisoft - 800 Points) - The next game in the Combat of Giants series, this time with Giant Mutant Insects - And they're out for revenge! Well, probably.

So how's about that Nintendo 3DS?


    So how’s about that Nintendo 3DS?

    I would liek one, how much? kthx

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