Aussie Nintendo Store: It Used To Be All Fields Round Here

What's this? A week with almost all good games? Believe it! Sadly, WiiWare fans miss out on getting anything, but the rest of the line up makes up for that.

Virtual Console

Final Fantasy II (SNES, 900 Points) - Bear with me here, this game is actually the fourth Final Fantasy game but is called Final Fantasy II because no-one outside Japan got the second and third game originally. Make sense to me. You know what to expect from this one - it is Final Fantasy after all. It has the usual Square Enix inflated price of 900 points.


Tales in a Box: Hidden Shapes in Perspective! (Nintendo, 500 Points) - If you haven't heard about this one, fret not, because the game seemingly has a new name in each region - crazy stuff. Anyway, this is a 3D perspective game that uses the DSi's front camera to see where you're tilting the DSi; you have to tilt and line up objects in 3D to find hidden symbols and letters in the level. It's an interesting game, but like WarioWare Snapped! how well it works relies on your room's lighting. An interesting tech demo for head tracking with decent gameplay hidden inside.

Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios, 500 Points) - The iPhone hit lands on the DSi sans online functionality, but still retains the same great tower defence gameplay. The smaller screen of the DSi doesn't dampen the action too much. It's priced comparatively to the iPhone version but that lack of online is a little annoying.

Advanced Circuits (BiP, 200 Points) - A simple but fun puzzler, where you rearrange the track or road on the touch screen to keep the car or train moving along. The game's presentation is clean but simple, and for only 200 points it's greatly priced.

Remember, all these DSiWare (and WiiWare) games have to get rated by the Classification Board, so if they sound interesting pick them up and support the developers.

Weekly readers will be happy to know that Cave Story has been classified by the ratings board. Not long now.


    Final Fantasy II's out in Australia! I though I'd never see the day. Hopefully this means we may also get III (VI)


    Tales in a Box: Hidden Shapes in Perspective! isn't there.

    When do we get Cave Story? or is it out

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