Aussie Nintendo Store: Throwing Bears Into Books

A chunk of new games this week for WiiWare and DSiWare fans. Many of the games might sound a but obscure for your tastes but there are some gems to be found in this batch.


Art Style: Light Trax (Nintendo, 600 points) - The Art Style games return with this re-imagining of the Gameboy Advance Bit Generation game Dotstream. Don't be fooled by the simple graphics as this game is great fun and will see you racing a bunch of coloured lines across the screen. It has racing mechanics but is all about the puzzle hidden in it.

The Tales of Bearsworth Manor Chaotic Conflicts and Puzzling Pages (Square Enix, 1000 points each) - Two new games from Square, both puzzlers that require you to "throw animated paper bears into picture books." Sounds intriguing (no, seriously!). We've no idea why there are two of them, maybe because it is twice as good ey? Extra DLC will be released for both games to keep the fun going in coming weeks.


Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper (Virtual Playground - 800 points) - One of those 'find an object from a long list in the scene' games. Despite having 'crimes' and 'Jack the Ripper' in the title, the two terms are only there to string together the puzzles. There's a lot of value here for 800 points and you might even learn something too. Neat huh?

Music On: Retro Keyboard (Abylight, 200points) - Similiar to the Keyboard we got not too long ago (well the same really) except for the fact that you'll now be able to jam on a retro keyboard. It has sounds and rhythms directly out of the '80s- either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how old you are.

Hello Flowerz (Virtual Toys, 500 points) - Take care and water your flowers, if you don't they might die. Newly announced and released without warning so not sure how it plays exactly. It has a 'z' in the title, so tread lightly.

Date or Ditch (Gameloft, 500 points) - A dating game from the good people at Gameloft. Yes, if you have any kind of opinion on dating games, you already know if you want to buy it or not.

Aussies miss out on only one title this week, a solitaire collection, so don't feel too let down.

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    Very disappointed that Cave Story isn't out on the Wiiware yet when it should have been months ago.

    Yeah where the hell is cave story????

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