Bargain Hunter: Everyone’s Clearing Elite Stock

Bargain Hunter: Everyone’s Clearing Elite Stock

To make way for the new Xbox 360 hitting Australia on July 1, many retailers are frantically offloading their unsold Xbox 360 Elite stock. This means cheap Elites!

Remember: the new Xbox 360 (RRP $449) is smaller, runs cooler, comes with a 250GB hard drive and built-in wi-fi as standard. The Elite, uh, does not.

JB Hi-Fi was first to slash the Elite price, as we reported last week. There you can get yourself an Elite plus five games (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, BioShock, Forza 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo Wars) for $299.

This week, Dick Smith has jumped on the bandwagon, offering an Elite plus two games (LEGO Batman and Pure) for $249.

GAME has the less impressive price of $259 for just-the-console-thanks.

And at EB Games, you can pay either $317 for the 120GB Elite plus four games (Fable II GOTY, Forza 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo Wars) or $369 for the 250GB Elite plus three games (Fable II GOTY, Halo 3 and Splinter Cell: Conviction).

They’re the best deals we’ve spotted. Have you seen anything better?

And are any of you thinking about picking up a cheap Elite instead of the new Xbox 360?


  • The JB here in Adelaide has the Elite for $249, although that’s just with 2 games. Halo ODST and I forget what the other one was – I think it was Forza 3.

  • GAME’s deal comes with 3 games actually, no?

    Forza 3/Halo bundle + Pure Football
    Lego Batman/Pure + Pure Football

    $259 I believe.

  • I wish they’d try and get rid of the arcade units for $100 a pop, then I’d grab one as a backup for when my Elite inevitibly dies for good.

  • At my local Game (Geelong) they have a sign out front that says “120gb Xbox 360 Elite with 7 games $149”

    are you getting $149 for console only from the website goose or from store?

  • No chance this little duckling will be picking up the outdated model. I’ve been sporting a release console all this time just waiting for a juicy update. I’m not about to put all my good patience to waste and side grade to just having an HDMI port.

    It’ll be the Slim & Kinect bundle for this gamer come Xmas time.

    • Only until the old ones are all gone. Which is exactly why they’re doing this – I think they’d be hoping all the old ones will be gone by the time the new ones arrive in a couple of weeks.

  • People are mad if they buy the new one over these great deals. $300 for a elite is excellent value and i’d much rather one of these than an extra $150 for something that IMO looks uglier and the only positive is built in wireless..

    I already have a wireless adapter on my elite so i definately will not be upgrading unless there is a killer trade deal. at the moment it’s trade your elite and pay $200 which is just not good enough to warrant a upgrade.

  • Been holding out from buying a 360 for forever, but now I have to weigh the options of Wifi (which is how I work everything else I own) or cheap 360.

    Oh then the whole RROD thing.

  • Are the elite consoles quieter than launch consoles at all? I might grab one of these deals if it doesn’t sound like a jet engine.

    • My Elite runs quieter than my launch, but it’s not night-and-day like the new one apparently is.

  • I bought the Elite + Halo ODST & Forza 3 bundle from JB for $249. Couple this with GAME’s currently crazy sale I got p/o RE5 for $12, p/o Bayonetta for $18 and new Dead Space for $18) and I’m sitting pretty under $300 🙂

  • Dave I’ve been into my local GAME store and I picked an elite up with 7 games and a rabbid for $259..! You would be crazy not to pick this up at that price. Dave what seems to be your problem with GAME and their “frankly” ridiculous sale? Don’t they pay you enough?

  • I picked up the JB Hi-Fi $249 deal. I had been on the fence about an Xbox but at the price an elite is now I thought it was worth it just to play xbox exclusives and FIFA games. Even though the slim will be a better unit, for what I want to do the elite package is a great deal.

  • Well at least a balanced one. Everytime you do a post about game their seems to be a negative overtone. Show them some love!

  • Does anyone know of any reduced prices for a wireless adapter?
    And also i had to get my console replaced RROD. But now all the games i bought from the online store that i have on my 20 gig drive wont work on the new console unless its connected to live.
    Offline the games say trial, online they are fine and playable.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • You need to do a license transfer for those games to work on the new console without Live – look on the website.

      • Cheers, could’ve looked at the website first but figured i’d have to wade through 20 pages of crap before i got to what i was looking for.

  • I’m not paranoid you just show no love for the little guy. They may in the past not got everything right but geez, eye pet brand new $18 bucks and their nuts prices at the moment I wish a bargain hunter told me!

  • So who has the best deal on the new one? I notice JB Hi Fi haven’t listed it at all yet.

    I already own two 360s, and I’ll be replacing the older (launch model, still hasn’t RRoD yet) with a 360 S. Wireless, more space than I can poke a stick at, HDMI and much quieter all add up to make it a no-brainer really. While the Elite is certainly a bit quieter than the launch model, the lack of wireless is a dealbreaker.

    Has anyone heard whether the 360 S comes with the Hard Drive data transfer cable or do you need to order it from MS directly?

  • Nah I agree with boomk, kotaku never has any love for the under dog. Yesterdays bargain hunter come off as a little pissy with back handed complements. I have started to think of kataku the same way as I think of fox news.
    Fair and balanced it is not.

  • My 2005 elite just went RROD on me 1 week ago so I’m probably going to wait until the last moment to pick up an elite. I’m hoping to buy the console for $199 (no games necessary) The new S plays the same games, better power consumption is nice but not worth the extra $ and I already have the wireless adapter accessory. Anyone have any thoughts on when the best deals will be (if not now) and if $200 is a realistic price for the console only?

        • Thanks for the info. While I do have about a grand in myer cards from my work I think I’m going to go with The Gremlins suggestion and hit up my local GB hifi at westfield carindale. The 2-4 games for an extra $25 is a great bargain. I am however going to kick myself if places end up selling elites for $200 right before the S hits our shores.

    • The games are pack-ins (at least some are) on all deals I’ve seen, so you can’t avoid them

      • I had hoped that wouldn’t be the case … Oh well, $250 inc Halo ODST, Forza 3 and maybe a couple of other games I wouldn’t normally buy but don’t detest isn’t a horrible prospect. JB at Carindale Bris it is then … Thanks for the advice ..

  • Thanks to a tip from ecogamer I managed to score an Elite with four games (Halo ODST, Forza 3, Pure & Lego Batman) for 249. Got it at the JB on Sydney’s TGV, just off Pitt Street. You have to ask or else you only get two games.

    Then proceeded to go to Game across the street and got Dante’s Inferno, Bayonetta & Batmat Arkham for 18 each.

    Best game buying spree ever.

  • its a shame id be willing to pick one up for those prices if only to use it as a front end as a htpc but then it doesnt have wireless oh wells

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