Bargain Hunter: In Soviet Russia, Bargains Hunt You

Bargain Hunter: In Soviet Russia, Bargains Hunt You

Metro 2033 was overlooked when it launched earlier this year into an unexpectedly busy first quarter. Maybe you’ll give it a go at a lower price.

Which is exactly what you can find now. I’ve spotted the Xbox 360 version going for just $49 at both GAME and Kmart while, as previously mentioned, the special edition can be had for just $54.97 at EB.

If you do pick it up, just remember, no English.


  • Bought it when it first came out for $55 on PC (its the better version). Finished it. Its a brilliant game in the atmosphere it creates. The enemies lack imagination but thats the only downfall in my opinion. The game genuinely feels creepy and depressing at the same time if your into that sort of thing.

    PS; A reminder, GET THE DAMN PC VERSION!

  • Great game until the lame blob part towards the end. Then i gave up.

    Awesome atmosphere but clunky controls and game mechanics (Xbox360)

  • Don’t get the 360 version. Buy the PC version. It’s the best linear shooter I’ve played in ages. Fantastic atmosphere and an interesting story.

    Encourage a small developer to make more good games. Give them money.

  • No english? I know it was developed in Russia, but I’m sure the PC version a friend of mine was playing had English dialogue…

  • Picked it up at EB a couple of weeks ago. A little over-scripted but it has a fantastic atmosphere. A great game, but it’s not for everybody.

    The novel is worth checking out as well for anyone who likes the setting.

  • Hmm to buy or not to buy

    Better hold off I guess, seeing as how I have a backlog of epic proportions and all to get through first

  • I picked it up with Fallout3 GOTY ed. Haven’t installed either, waiting until the university break to play them.

    I’m thinking of playing through Metro first, then spending hours upon hours on Fallout.

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