Bargain Hunter: Stardust In Your Hand

Bargain Hunter: Stardust In Your Hand

Sony’s PlayStation Store specials this week sees you able to pick up Super Stardust for PSP at under half price.

I love the PS3 version, but I’ve never played it on PSP. It seems like a good fit for a handheld.

Can anyone who has checked it out let me know whether it’s worth getting both?

You can see the full list of weekly specials on the Aussie PlayStation Store at the link below.

PlayStation Store special offers [PlayStation]


  • It’s disappointing that we don’t get the same sales as the US PSN store. For instance, they had a sale on ALL PixelJunk games a month and a bit ago. 🙁

  • yeah but alex you simpy make a US profile and buy a US PSN card off the net download the game and then play it on your main profile from memory

    not sure if it works for everything been a while since i used PSN for more than pixel junk or super stardust

  • The PSP version is fun in small doses, graphics and music are great, but the shooting controls mapped to the 4 face buttons are a bit clunky.

    Worth getting on PSP, but I prefer playing the PS3 version.

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