Bargain Hunter: The Best Xbox Slim Deal?

Bargain Hunter: The Best Xbox Slim Deal?

The new, slimmer Xbox 360 console goes on sale in Australia on Thursday. Looks like Harvey Norman has the best deal on it.

Retailers are still only showing preorder prices right now, so if you just walk into a store on Thursday it might be a different story.

But for now, Harvey Norman’s preorder price tag of $398 – that’s $51 under the RRP – is the best we’ve seen.

If you’ve spotted anything better, let us know in the comments.

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  • I just want to know how much EB Games will give me for my old Xbox 360 + Red Dead Redemption so I can get one of the new ones – I don’t need two 360s do I?

    • BlueMaxima, $120 for a $120 GB elite, more for a $250 GB. And if trading it in for a slim, you also get a free copy of Red Dead Redemption OR $50 towards any pre-order. (Obviously the pre-order $50 would be better for you.)

    • Search about 12-15 pages back through Kotaku posts and you will find a story that Mr. Wildgoose posted last week with all the trade values. Off the top of my head it was from around $60 for an arcade up to $180 for a 250gb elite.

      GAME have a better deal though. You pay $199 for the new Xbox 360 if you trade a 120gb elite or 80gb PS3.

    • I’m pretty sure that was covered in a previous article, it was some absurd amount from like 20-70 bucks depending on the model?

      • It’s actually $60 for RDR, I traded my one in last week for Transformers, it’s actually quite generous.

        The guy at EB said a 360 will go for around $130-150, so that’s halfway there.

    • we tried to trade in a new xbox 360 2 controllers and ten games including halo red dead and cod mw2 and we only got offered like 290

  • Wow $398? I thought the best was GAME’s online price with $10 off rrp. I hope Big W come out with one like that price with a few games or something to warrant me getting one.

  • I know that GAME will give me $100 for my old 06 360 so that’ll knock the price down to about $350 for me ’cause they’re apparently selling it for $450.
    Wouldn’t mind going in on Friday and saying “Harvey Norman is selling it for cheaper than that” so it’ll knock the price down even more for me if I trade-in.

  • I’m 99% certain Big W and Kmart will have a bundle with games that is at least around the $398 mark. Just like they did when the Elite became the standard and ODST was released.

    However if not this week when it launches, in the next few weeks. Big W and Kmart would have a harder time getting rid of their current stock compared to EB or Game or JB.

    I dont think Kmart or Big W have even lowered the price. They probably don’t know anything about it. But I will hold off for a great bundle down the track.

  • Yay i’m useful!!! 😀

    ..also fishpond may have it for $400, but fishpond also have a fairly bad reputation for all sorts of things. Their customer service is also close to non existent. Plus when it comes to getting a new 360, many people wouldn’t be happy having it shipped to them.

    I’ve seen first hand how many couriers (let alone posties) handle packages, even with fragile stickers, and i would never trust them with an xbox

  • Dick Smith have a catalogue starting this saturday, and I believe that it has the console, and 3+ games for $398.

  • GAME have recently made an addition to their trade-in offer – you now get a bonus 3 months XBL.

  • I hear $408 at bigw, and if you walk into the right one and get the right (ignorant) staff member, they’ll even sell you one right now, haha!

  • I rung DSE, JB, GAME & EB today.

    JB are having the console for $399, they are withholding if they are doing a bundle until Thursday.

    DSE will have the console + Forza, Pure Football, Halo: ODST & Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for $449

    GAME have it for $439 and have to wait till Thursday to see if there are any bundles

    EB said they are just having the console by itself for $449…

  • Don;t trade in console’s with Eb LOL. I would have been offered no more than $200 off with my ps3 gear, and instead sold them individually by posting on cyber gamer, and got $560 all up. So now, i can buy the slim and STILL get extra games! Haha.
    Also, EB are selling the slim by itself for $449, however they are also doing a bundle with MW2 for the same price.
    I’m not sure whether i should go to EB and demand a price match with Harvey, or just go for the $449 one with COD mw2…

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