Bargain Hunter: These Prices Are Just Silly

Bargain Hunter: These Prices Are Just Silly

GAME is holding a frankly ridiculous sale right now. They’re flogging games, movies and accessories for as little as $2.

Thanks to Ecogamer and AusGAF, we’ve heard you can get deals such as:

Dark Void (360, PS3) $12 Eye Pet Camera Bundle (PS3) $18 Far Cry 2 (360) $8 Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) $12 The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS) $18 Let’s Tap (Wii) $2 Mass Effect (PC) $4 Mirror’s Edge (PS3) $2 The Saboteur (360) $18 Splinter Cell: Conviction (360) $36 Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (Wii) $18 WarioWare DIY (DS) $18

And that’s just to name but a small few. The above list does include preowned titles, so you might find you have to pay more than that if you want to buy new.

Stock will vary from store to store – this is a clearance sale, after all – so give your fellow Kotaku reader a hand. Let us know in the comments what deals you’ve spotted at GAME, which store you were at and whether they still have any copies left.


  • I just grabbed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 at Greensborough Game for $18 and it was brand new.
    They had Batman Arkham preowned for 18 as well as Gears 2 GOTY Ed at that price.

  • Anyone know if Far Cry 2 for 360 was any good?
    Everytime I’ve seen it in store I’ve thought it looked kind of meh, but I’ve never actually played it.

  • technically the sale hasn’t started yet, and phase three of the discounting should be rolling out today (so there will be more bargains tomorrow if you’ve already been), but everyone has been finding out early due to gamer forums and the like so the staff said people have just been buying stock out from under them as they get the stickers out.

    I went store-hopping with a friend on Saturday between Knox, Eastland and Box Hill and we got 20 games each! Here is a sample of what I picked up (with a couple of others that I noticed but didn’t get myself):

    some notable bargains that may still be available:
    Wii ($12 or $18 if not specified – I don’t have the exact numbers for reference so this is just from memory at work):
    (p/o = pre-owned)
    Super Paper Mario p/o $12
    Rabbids TV Party p/o
    Rabbids Go Home p/o
    Fragile Dreams
    SkyCrawlers: Innocent Aces
    Motion Plus $18
    Red Steel 2 p/o
    Ju-on: The Grudge $8
    Academy of Champions Soccer p/o $2
    WarioWare Smooth Moves $12
    The Conduit Collector’s Edition $12 (theoretically pre-owned but it was still shrink-wrapped!)
    Aliens Vs. Predator $8 (or $18 for the Survival Edition)
    Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection (with all 4 expansions) $18
    Hellgate London $2
    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood $8
    DiRT2 $18
    Fallout 3 DLC double pack $12
    quite a few of the That’s Hot budget releases are $4-$14 so a good way to grab the Deus Ex and Just Cause double pack

    And there are masses of random PS2 games for $2 (good games at that! – things like Oni and Total Overdose and Burnout and Smuggler’s Run I think)

    • just remembered a couple of other things:

      FIFA 09 $8 (there was also the 06 version of EA’s ice hockey game in one store as well)
      Aion $12
      Star Trek Online Collector’s Edition $8 (my friend got it as much for the Tshirt as the game itself)

      Virtua Tennis 2009 $12
      Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn $12

      I pity whoever has to keep JB’s exclusion list up-to-date this week

  • I got these from the Marion Shopping Centre store:

    Advance Wars: Dual Strike DS $8
    Devil May Cry 4 360 $12
    Street Fighter 4 360 $12
    Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Wii $12
    Battalion Wars 2 Wii $12
    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Wii $8

    I was going to get Dead Space PS3 for $12 but Id just be getting it for the sake of a bargain.

    I wish we had some more specials like those listed. Never played The Saboteur.

    Yesterday the person who served me at GAME said they are constantly getting new titles for the special, so I may head back in there tomorrow when I get paid for a rummage.

    • That might have been my old copy of Advance Wars, i traded it there a couple weeks ago!

      Might have to go have a look this week, been hankering for some FIFA all of a sudden.

  • PS3

    Armored Core 4 – $12
    Alone In The Dark Inferno – $8
    MAG – $18
    The Darkness – $4
    SOCOM: Confrontation – $12
    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – $18
    Battlefield: Bad Company (Gold Edition) – $18
    Eyepet – $18×2
    Dark Void – $18


    Left4Dead 2 – $12
    Blue Dragon – $8
    Darksiders – $18
    Dante’s Inferno – $18
    Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom – $9
    Dark Void – $18


    Guilty Gear: Judgment – $2


    Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon – $18
    Metroid Prime 3 Corruption – $18
    Ju-On: The Grudge – $8
    Obscure 2 – $19
    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles – $18

    Oh and this is actually a list of all the crap I managed to get my hands on…

  • Yep – follow the link David has included, guys.

    Full comments in the eco gamer thread (i’m troy c if you want to know exactly what i snagged and from where)

    Alot of stores still have plenty of Zak and Wikki for $8 too for anyone interested

    Battalion wars is $12 and mario strikers charged is between $8-$12 – both on wii

    Also do yourselves a favor and print off JB’s exclusion list before you head in as you may be able to buy some cheap gear and trade it in the 3-4-1 deals.

    jb’s trade deals here:

    exclusion list here:

    print the list on the DAY you go into game – as it’s updated very regularly

  • Holy moly. I’m shattered as there aren’t any near Melbourne CBD and I don’t have the time nor the method to get to somewhere like Box Hill. Argh!

    It’s exactly the kind of sale I was hoping for to bump up my collection. The other thing that irrits me is I picked up TFU from their online store last week for ~$40, and now instore it’s $14! Nooo!

  • Just went down to the Brisbane city Store under Myer.
    The specials aren’t quite as good up here.

    For example Spirit Tracks pre-owned is $35.

    Don’t forget to double Check Harvey Norman, some of the prices there beat Game.

    • Hey mate, I was about to head up there tomorrow. So there aren’t any good deals like those ones mentioned in the article? I’m thinking of picking up few PS3 for jbhifi tradein…

      • Sorry if I mis-lead you, there are some really GREAT deals just not AS great as advertised here.

  • I went to Calamvale Game on my way home today and scored.

    New – Tatsunoko Vs Capcom $18
    New – Lego Rockband $28
    Pre-Owned – GH Metallica $18

    I’m a happy camper!

  • does the greensbourgh store still have any copies of splinter cell conviction left?
    34 bucks for a recent release- it sounds almost too good to be true…
    are you sure its not the other one, the double agent one?

  • Big up to AusGAF!

    Picked up a ton of games I shouldn’t have at this sale, but also got Splinter Cell cheap so can’t complain.

  • Man, of the two of those I’m interested in; Let’s Tap and Tatsunoko vs Capcom, the latter is out of stock online and the former isn’t even on their site. That sucks.

  • Picked up a new copy of Mirror’s Edge at Erina for 8 bucks, saw a few other things

    Bought a copy of Nier for 25 bucks off ebay at the start of their big trade in, was going in to trade it for red dead….checked with 3 local stores, all out of stock, with no idea when they will get some in….

    Annoyed cause Nier is terrible and i want to get rid of it…

  • can ppl post if something is pre-owned or not

    i like to avoid pre-owned stuff personally… but some of those prices are pretty tempting so it’d b nice to know 🙂

  • When does this sale end? I’m praying that it’s not tomorrow

    I’m aiming for Mass Effect and Left 4 Dead 2 on PC

    • I had a chat to some of different guys in the store and they are saying it will be for a month. With different specials being rolled out each week/every few days.

      They probably are saying to keep us coming back but at these prices I will be going back and checking in case I miss out on a super bargain.

  • Can someone do a quick work out to find how little you can spend at game to get a trade in at JB? Ps3 and 360. Cheers.

    • Is it really something you expect people to tell you? The prices vary how can someone know what will be cheap and not on the exclusions list.

  • I got
    mass effect 360 $6
    gran turismo psp $8
    eyepet x 3 $18 ea
    ds and wii Games for kids $2 each
    wii fit recgargable battery $4
    ds acessorie packs $2

    could spend so much money there it’s not funny,

  • I called up my local game and got them to put 5 games on hold for me. Strongly suggested as you don’t wanna rock up and find there is nothing left :\

  • Picked this today at Sydney Central:

    Bayonetta 360 PO: $18
    Batman Arkham 360 PO: $18
    Dante’s Inferno 360 PO: $18
    Sega Rally Revo PS3 New: $8

    There were more copies of the first three in store.

  • More bargains to be had on the online store.

    For the 360:

    $24 – Bayonetta and NIER.

    $28 – Assassin’s Creed II, Batman: Arkham Asylum, BioShock 2, Darksiders, Tekken 6 and Colin McRae: DiRT 2

    Also more copies of Dark Void for $12 are available online only.

  • can i just add that NIER is part of the trade 1 get 1 free deal… so u can effectively get RDR, Split/Second, Alan Wake or the other 2 for $24….

    i can’t believe they are doing that… but they are… lol

  • glad I went back again today:
    Split/Second PC $25
    Batman Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition PC (with the batarang) $28
    Harvest Moon Magical Melody Wii pre-owned $12
    RE Darkside Chronicles p/o $18

    and another dozen or so boxes of stock arrived in preparation for tomorrow so now I have to go back again again.. again :p

    Also anyone after a copy of Bully can grab the PC version for only $2!

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