Bargain Hunter: Uncharted 2: Amongst Deals

Bargain Hunter: Uncharted 2: Amongst Deals

After swinging across a ravine, clambering over a giant statue, pulling a series of levers and riding the cogs of some ancient machine, the Bargain Hunter has found a good deal on Uncharted 2.

It’s only $49 at JB Hi-Fi and Myer until June 14.

That’s also the same price JB lists Assassin’s Creed II.

Two of last year’s most well-received games for just under a hundred bucks sounds like a good deal, yeah?


  • I’d also like to point out that at Big W you can buy Uncharted 2 with a Dualshock 3 controller for $98.84 together!

    Even better value there… if you would like a new/extra controller

      • Holy crap! There’s some really good bargains on some really good games in there. Why wasn’t I alerted about THAT one before all the online stock disappeared?? I’m going to have to try my local store tonight to see if there’s anything good left.

        Maybe this sale has something to do with Qumulys’ “Talk Amongst Yourselves” comment that DS are getting out of games?

        • These are the ones i think are worth getting, for their price.

          Gears of War 2 – $30
          Mirrors Edge – $10
          Brutal legend – $30
          Mass effect – $20
          Bayonetta – $50
          LFD2 – $30
          Uncharted 2 – $50

          I’ll stop now, because this is starting to sound like hard sell advertisement.

  • It’s also this price at EB.

    While I’m not denying that this is a good deal, I’m pretty sure that it’s because it’s about to go platinum: , available June 11 (in the UK at least).

    So take this into account when buying it. You might want to get in before the box art changes (if you’re silly enough to care about such things). Or you might be willing to wait another month to save $5-$10 off the platinum RRP when Big W have their next sale… after all, you already waited this long, right?

      • I used to be as compulsive about such things once upon a time, but I guess I learned not to care so much back in the gamecube days, when I started importing from the US. I found that the gamecube logo on the spine of their games was on the bottom, rather than on the top on Australian games (Or is it the other way round? I forget exactly). They didn’t match when sitting side-by-side on the shelf!! The horror!! Frustrated the hell out of me at first, but I got over it.

        Now I realise given how much I spend on games, I’d rather save a few dollars than have the perfect, matching case. I’ll take the prettier one if all things are equal, but not if it’s going to cost me a cent more. You get the fun of playing the same game regardless, then they all end up in a bookshelf/cupboard/drawer/box in the spare room as the generations move along anyway!

        I might have been a big harsh with the “if you’re silly enough” part, but really, you shouldn’t be too concerned with how the case looks – it’s what’s on the inside that counts 🙂

        • I used to care about box art until I got so many games they ended up on a shelf and I could only see the white spine. 99.99% of the time it’s not visible and when it is I’m looking at the screen.

  • Another good site to keep bookmarked for games is
    They usually do weekly specials and stuff like that. I picked up Tomb Raider: Underworld for $8-$9 (can’t really remember) which was totally worth that admission price. And I also picked up Alone in the Dark for $9… I’d say it’s definately got $9 worth of entertainment contained on the disc… just.
    And I just went on there today and Red Dead Redemption for 360 is on there for $89… I’m gonna get me some Donkey-Lady…

    • Yeah UC2 has been $48 at GAME for a week or two now – I picked up a copy as a b’day present on last weeks’ pay cheque.

      Though if I had of seen the BigW deal with the DS3, I might have held off and scored me a DS3 for cheap, haha!

  • On the topic of bargains, I picked up Final Fantasy XIII for $48 at my local GAME last week. Not sure why it was so cheap

    • damn picked up ff13 for $60 the week before that at EB thinking it was a good deal oh well
      hoping they do a platinum games sale soon like like a 2 for $50/$60 so i can pick up both uncharteds lol

  • It’s going Platinum very soon, so you’ll get retailers trying to dump all their current stock before the Platinum copies arrive.

    For those keen to import, you can pick it up for around $30-$35 from the UK.

  • That Dick Smith sale is a joke. Those prices are CRAP for a ‘clearance’ sale. Harvey Normans sale a month or so ago was epic, and games were $5 or $10 for really good stuff (dragon age origins, brutal legend) mass effect 2 and dantes inferno $20, GOW3 $40..

    This is a rip. Dick smith sales used to be great and this one is a bit of a letdown TBH.

    As for Uncharted 2, it is going platinum that is why everywhere has it for under $50 atm.

  • pfft. got it for $39 at GT in Perth on their sale. along with GOW for $69 and Red Dead for $69 on saturday.

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