Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Is Going To Vietnam

EA is taking its recent hit shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on a tour of Vietnam, launching an expansion named - get this - Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam this winter, just announced at its E3 press conference.


    Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Black Ops would have been better.

    I'm assuming that's Northern Hemisphere Winter, so Nov/ Dec here? I might have actually stopped playing BC2 online by then

    This HAS too have Onslaught mode for all platforms, it would remind me of vietcong coop soo much

    Awesome! Any addition to this game is welcome...but is it exclusive to XBox, or will the PS3/CPU see expansion as well?

      It is available to all, hope it is only $20 or so, same as BF2142 Northern Strike expansion.


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