Battlefield: Bad Company 2's 'Onslaught' Update Deployed (Mostly)

Want more Bad Company 2? Today's your day to get more Battlefield-style action with the four-player "Onslaught" cooperative mode, which is shipping on time for at least one of the console's it was promised for today.

EA and DICE have deployed the new update to PlayStation 3 owners in North America, with owners of that version in Europe getting the update on the 23rd. In Xbox 360 owner angering news, DICE appears to have let that date slip just a little bit, noting that Onslaught will be coming to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for owners of Microsoft's console "in the very near future". That apparent tardiness has not been met kindly by the Xbox 360 side at the official Battlefield site.

PC gamer may get their Onslaught on too. DICE is "investigating the possibility".

Onslaught, whenever it arrives for you, will cost $US9.99/€8.99/£6.99 on PlayStation Network or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 starts the Onslaught [Battlefield]


    So to get it on PC basically they're worried about going back on their "All DLC will be free" statement or something? So charge. No one cares, if they care, they don't have to buy it. I'd pay $10 for a Co-Op mode to play with my mates! Genuine content additions aren't map packs! PC gamers mostly have issues with charging for map packs, not a full new game mode!

    You'll cop shit for it but ultimately I'm sure most would rather have the option to pay for it than have NO option at all..

    just ship it with the expansion pack

    Annoyed at the delay for xbox, but more annoyed at the lack of explanation or time frame. I'm sick of this 'in the near future' crap, tell us the reason, and at least have the balls to say you don't know how long it will take.

    Just happy i've got Red Dead co-op to keep me busy :) but hopefully this comes sooner rather then later as I need a good excuse to get back into BC

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