Blade Kitten Trades Delay For Multiplatform Release

Originally slated for a PlayStation Network release this autumn, Krome Studios' comic book-based platformer Blade Kitten gets a new publisher in Atari, Xbox Live Arcade and PC versions, a September release date, and new screens to help ease the wait.

When we last checked in with Blade Kitten, based on the comic book by Steve Stamatiadis of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series, it was speeding towards a spring release on the PlayStation Network and looking quite promising, according to a hands-on report from our own Michael McWhertor.

Now Atari has picked up publishing duties, banking on the game's high level of polish, strong narrative, and the charm of heroine Kit Ballard to see it through to success.

"Bringing the anime-inspired universe of Blade Kitten to life via Xbox LIVE Arcade, Playstation Network and PC Download is sure to resonate with gamers," says Jim Wilson, President and CEO of Atari, Inc. "With high-quality, colorful arcade action, which translates incredibly from comic book to videogame and a new spin on side-scrolling non-stop action to an already rabid platforming fan base of gamers on XBLA and PSN, we are looking forward to a successful launch."

My opinion of this game is useless, as I will buy anything with a pink-haired kitty girl in it.


    Carn guys give us a wii ware relase too - cartoon graphix is just the order of the day...

    Hopefully the game does well. I don't want to see it tank and most likely take what is left of Krome with it :(

    Is it just me, or does the thing in the first screen look exactly like a Rakk Hive?

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