Brink's Customisation Might Be Custom Made For Me

I have a confession. I have always been put off by one thing: faces in Bethesda games. But that may change.

Take Oblivion, the faces in that game actually freaked me out! I wanted to get into the game, explore the world, but I found myself getting hung up on the way the characters look. Those stretched Cheshire Cat putty faces. Perhaps it was too close to Uncanny Valley territory? Or perhaps it too far from it? Perhaps it was just me?

Fallout, with its stylised take on post-apocalyptic Americana, was an easier pill to swallow. (No, it was a delicious pill to swallow!) Wonderful world to get lost in, impressive game but those faces remain! Argh!

Bethesda's upcoming first-person shooter Brink looks jet set to rectify that issue. Okay, this isn't entirely fair. The game, which I checked out at E3, isn't developed by Bethesda, but UK developer Splash Damage. Bethesda is publishing the game, so fingers crossed, maybe some of this title will rub off on future in-house Bethesda games?

Brink offers varied customisation: Hair, face times, scars, tattoos, body types, clothes, etc. Players toggle through, find what they like and create their new character. And there is a colour wheel so that players can find the hue or shade that fits their character best. Other titles Bethesda has released in the past do this, too! The body types are used for character classes - so a big guy would use big weapons, move slower and take more damage. Check out this video from earlier this year. The interface for the customiser I saw at E3 was slightly different - the background was white, for example. Players could toggle through different points on their character to change it. After selecting the customised feature they wanted, it was possible to access various colours.

Brink's art style has really got me - more than I thought it would. It's somewhere between "real" and "Team Fortress", which I think is a really, really good place to be.



    That character looks a bit silly to me. Ill stick with Oblivion and FO.

    Every time I hear something new about this game I love it even more.

    I just hope they do good, deep facial hair customisation. Fallout 3 gets all this credit for having great beards but in my opinion the were just as low quality as normal, they just had a heaps of them to choose from. Facial hair is all about combining different aspects.
    For starters you need to be able to use stubble and size burns independently of almost all other head hair. Too many systems force you to take side burns as part of the hair style or stubble instead of a goatee. I can't throw an afro, mutton chops, a mustache and a five o'clock shadow on my guy.
    From there all you need to do is add styles like normal and you'll have probably the best facial hair customisation on the market.

      I think Medal of Honor's Facial hair ranking system may give it a run for its money.

      You are limited to Bumfluff until rank 7 when you unlock a handlebar stache and then progress from there to a soul patch and eventually the coveted zztop beard signifying you as a Tier 1 operator.
      You can also unlock the blackbeard with the limited edition DLC which has lit fuses attached!
      The grooming minigame in the loadout screen is top notch.
      This is shaping up to the premium Combat Beard Simulator for 2010.

    It's not really worth connecting this game to Bethesda's games at all.

    The game was in development before Bethesda was the publisher, and Bethesda has little control over how the game is developed (they like to let Splash damage operate as they please).

    The game is a different genre, on a different engine, with different reasons for including customizable characters, and is being developed by a different team in a different country.

    So yeah, comparing it to Oblivion and Fallout 3 is a bit redundant.

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