Brits Get Their Free Dr Who Adventures Early

The first episode of BBC's Dr Who adventure games is out and already being enjoyed by our British sci-fi-loving nerd brethren overseas. Apparently "it rocks", or so says Kotaku tipster Dan2593.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games kicks off with "City Of The Daleks" today, a few days earlier than expected, a free download for PC gamers currently residing in the right region. The rest of us will be able to purchase the games, scratching our Dr Who itch, sometime in "early July".

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games [BBC - thanks, Ursus-Veritas!]


    free to UK and everyone else has to wait 2 months? this is a guaranteed formula for rampant piracy.

      And UK ip spoofing.

      Yep, would not be surprised if this game is currently being downloaded by various (and some nefarious) methods worldwide by now

    God, again with the colour coded Daleks! What are they, skittles!?

    I think the writer of put it well when he said their true purpose of existence was to enable re-painting and packaging of old Dalek toys for new sales.

    Mixed feelings about the art design in this game too.

    Colour coded Daleks? - I suppose it started with Warhammer 40k then Star wars storm troopers, and then moved to this. If I am not mistaken they are using force lightning too. I cannot discern whether or not that is awesome.

    is it just me or does that picture make the doctor look like a zombie or something...

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