Bullet Hell Gundemonium Collection Breaking Loose On PSN

Cute anime girls and millions of bullets collide in the Gundemonium Collection, a trio of Japanese-indie bullet hell shooters, coming to the PlayStation Network next week from Sony Online Entertainment.

Why are the EverQuest people publishing a collection of doujin games on the PlayStation Network? Does it really matter? They're filling a spot that needs to be filled, and doing so in style with a trio of scrolling shooters from indie video game developer Rockin' Android.

The Gundemonium Collection collects three different shooters - Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne and Hitogata Happa - each with its own levels, characters and anime cuteness. Not that cuteness will matter when you're trying to navigate a screen full of bullets, but onlookers will be pleased.

The three games hit PSN on June 15 for $US14.99 as a set or $US5.99 each. Check out the screens to see what you're in for.


    Are we getting this on the Australian store as well?

      I sent Rockin' Android an email about this back when it was first announced, and have yet to get a response.
      Guess it's not looking too good.

    omFG!! Why did my Ps3 had to YLOD!?? :'(

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