But How Will I Charge My PlayStation Move?

Why, with this official PlayStation Move charger, of course. It'll cost $US30.


    So a Playstation Eye is $60, a Move is $70, a Navigator is $50 and now a charger as well for probably AUD $50.

    That's $230, or if you need two Moves $290.

    Damn! The predicted price for Kinect isn't looking so bad now.

      But the Kinect product is looking much, much worse. That event was Microsoft's "giant enemy crab" moment.


        Microsoft and Sony should have released a new console instead of trying to breathe new life into the current-gen. They saw Nintendo making a lot of money out of crappy motion control shovelware and had to get a piece of the action (whilst pissing off their loyal customers).

        Having said that, I think the Playstation Move is definitely better than Kinect albeit a bit more pricey.

    Or just with a USB cable like the controllers... no?

      You are correct. This device is by no means necessary to charge the 'Move'.

      By the title of this article I almost thought you couldn't charge it with the USB cable.

      The Move is starting to look really expensive to me and I am really having second thoughts about buying it. I could buy like 3 or 4 or maybe even 5 games (2nd hand) for the price it would cost me to buy all the stuff I'll need to get the best experience out of the Move. I feel like every time I go online the price of this thing goes up!

    Sony Move sure has a lot of damn hidden costs, by my reackoning two full Move controllers with charging stations (maybe you only need one) and an EyeToy Camera is going to cost more than Kinect which in theory won't have a single extra peripheral.

      I'm sure Mad Katz in the US and Hori in Japan will think of something!

        I bet the first thing third parties will spam onto the market will be "kinect steering wheels", that simulates a real steering wheel. Genius!

    Sony is becoming worse than Nintendo

      You mean like the way they deliver on awesome games?

        No. They are becoming like Nintendo in that the Move product has a lot of hidden costs.

        Which is very unfortunate since so far, the PS3 has avoided hidden costs moreso than any other console. It offers excellent value for money and versatility.

        Move really is a step back to a world of hidden costs, non-optional accessories not included, etc. And with only 2 USB ports on a PS3, you're going to need more connection space.

        Microsoft's new black 360, on the other hand, has reduced the hidden costs of the previous 360's (especially if you get a play-n-charge kit), has plenty more USB ports on the back too... honestly, I think the new 360 is a serious challenge to the PS3 in terms of value for money, especially when Kinect vs Move pricing is factored into the equation.

          USB charge, USB splitter, you're set

          took the words right out of my mouth

          Hidden costs like... X360 wireless controller $75, Play and Charge $35, N-wireless adaptor $130, 12mth Gold subscription $85?

            Why does everyone want to use wireless?

              You do realize that the OP was referring to the new Xbox 360 S. The 360 S has built-in WiFi.

    Yeah, I seriously doubt this is going to be required. Just an optional accessory. They'll charge via USB like the controllers do.

    Otherwise the $99 pack that had a Move, Playstation Eye and game would have one included.

    Just found out from joystiq.com that apparently you can use a normal PS3 controller instead of buying that Navigator thing. So that will bring the cost down.

    I don't know why people are complaining that the Move is so expensive - its $100 for Move controller + PSEye + starter disc/game, and a second Move controller will set you back an extra ~$70 (same as a WiiMote).

    As for chargers - they are optional you can use a USB cable.
    As for Navigation sub-controllers, they are optional you can use Sixaxis/Dual Shock 3 instead.

    or u no, just charge it like a dualshock controller...

    ....seriously, that controller looks retarded, just when i thought my PS couldn't get any more useless.

      Typical 360 fan. If you don't like the ps3 then go get yourself the xbox and the worthless kinect mmkay? Stupid worthless 360 xbot. Kthxbai.

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