Calming World Cup Nerves With Video Games

I'm about to spend half the night playing World Cup 2010 (the video game), as I kill the time (and my nerves) between games at World Cup 2010 (the actual World Cup). Are you?

I bet many of you are. Most teams playing either tonight or later this week are playing for World Cup survival, most needing at least a draw to guarantee progression to the knock-out stages of the competition. That's especially so for most of this website's readers. The US needs a win. England needs a win. Australia needs a win. Germany needs a win. New Zealand needs a win. And Canada... well, better luck next time, Canada.

I'm going to be spending the night on EA's FIFA World Cup 2010, popping between simulations of England v Slovenia and Australia v Serbia, both of which are about to kick off in the real world. I'll maybe squeeze in a Ghana v Germany game or two as well, as anything I can do to help the Black Stars sneak in a win will be appreciated by 21 million Australians hoping for a Ghana upset (which if Australia win will send us through).

Will that actually work? Can I somehow trigger a "butterfly effect" chain of events whereby a hat-trick by a digital Josh Kennedy will translate into something similar in the real world? Course it won't. It's just a game. But man, it makes me feel better. Half the appeal of playing a sports game around a major event - whether it be the World Cup, Super Bowl or Olympics - is the element of fantasy it provides, as you can (in your living room, at least) rewrite history through the power of video games. Or predict it!

Is anyone joining me? Maybe you are, maybe you're not; the games are on at midnight and 4:30am here, meaning a pub/bar viewing isn't really feasible, especially on a school night. Hence me staying at home, with little else to do but play World Cup, drink a cup of soup and prepare to drown in a sea of footballing disappointment. Or yummy ciders and fancy beer. Maybe both!


    Ah Luke. I'd be doing the same if a) I had FIFA World Cup 2010; and b) I didn't have work tomorrow. I'll still get up at 4, but I can't pull an all nighter.

    But goddamn, I hope things fall our way.

    dude, the hell with the world cup, your drinking pipsqueak!!! Little creatures brewery for life!

    Hell yes.

    2 and a half hours to kill between group C and D games and its fifa to fill the gap :D

    yes i've beel playing many a game to pass the time...forza 3, red dead, and when i'm pissed off at the lack of goals or a good match i start playing fifa, or more recently getting back into football manager 09

    Bugger that World Cup 2010 cash in crap. I'll be playin' Pro Evo 2010 (the real football experience) and then watching Australia hopefully not lose dismally to Serbia.


    I’ll be staying up until the match myself, filling the time watching the tennis and whatever late night movies are on.

    YES, Love the Pipsqueak Cider. Little Creatures is the best.

    I tried. South Africa was the first FIFA game I'd bought in 10 years, and then only due to insane $39 price and the Road to World Cup scenario- since I wanted to kick France out with Rep Ireland. But its still FIFA, and its still sterile and fuckawful.

    I honestly got more emotion out of playing Pure Football, and it is nearly as bad as Michael Owen Soccer 64.

    PS Well done boys (or Footballeroos or whatever Lowy wants to call you now), you did us proud...if only we had a manager who realised goal difference actually counts...


    In my alternate reality on PSP England won the cup :D

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