Castlevania HD Screens Are A Sight For Sore Eyes

I've never been the biggest fan of Castlevania series, but boy oh boy, these screenshots for the newly confirmed Castlevania HD - as in, Harmony of Despair - are some of the most glorious examples of pixel art you'll ever see.

Let's just hope they look as good in motion when the game's released next month.


    My god that looks like a lot of work!

    I've never played a castlevania title but I can certainly appreciate the art.

    Oh wow this looks glorious. SOLD on day 1 to ME! :D

    Great pixels. I know this is off topic but I wish there was a new Lunar Knights game, but on XBLA. These screen-shots somehow reminded me of it.

    Yes it looks great, but how is this HD? Everything is smaller? What the hell does HD even matter with art like this?

    Ya know Dave, Ya can zoom in and out in the game...

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