Check Out The 3DS' Specs

Nintendo's new 3DS looks nice, but how do things shape up when we look under the hood? Let's take a look.

DIMENSIONS (when closed)

5.3 inches x 2.9 inches x 0.8 inches


8 ounces


3.52 inch widescreen display / 800x240 resolution (400 pixels for each eye during 3D gameplay)


3.02 inch touch-screen display / 320x240 resolution


Three cameras, two on outer casing, one above top screen / 640x480 resolution (0.3 megapixel)


Cartridge slot for both 3DS and DS cards (3DS cards have a 2GB capacity "at launch", suggesting larger sizes to come) / SD memory card slot


2.4ghz / 802.11 wi-fi / Can communicate with other consoles or internet when in sleep mode / wireless can be switched off to preserve battery life


Touch-screen / D-pad / 360-degree "Slide Pad" (the analogue stick) / motion sensor / gyro sensor / 3D "depth slider" can reduce (or even disable) 3D effects in games


4-inch stylus (when full extended)


Stereo speakers (includes stereo headphone out jack)


Lithium ion battery (lifespan details TBA)


The 3DS will include parental controls


    comparison table???

      there's a comparison table on wiki but a lot of the features are still TBA

    anyone notice the red and blue of the 3ds is a *wink* to the old red-blue 3d?

    So... is this all new hardware? The MGS screens look awesome. Also, has Sony's press conference been yet? I want to know what their answer to this is... if it's got two thumbsticks, I'm buying it.

    ooo nice launch colours. Red for me thankyou! Speaking of Launch.... release date?

    Bit disappointing really. The stuff I was really curious about have ignored for... screen-size and weight, things you can measure without even opening it.

    - What's the processor? It's not Tegra 2, nor Snapdragon or A4 and seems to be weaker than all of those.
    - What wi-fi standard? 802.11 g or n? 802.11n is becoming the benchmark for modern wireless devices. Would be prudent for nintendo to adopt this for their upcoming device.
    - What sort of wi-fi security is it compatible with? If it's WEP-only again, there will be a lot of annoyed customers.

    So many unanswered questions

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