Checking Out Metal Gear Solid On The Nintendo 3DS?

It can't be. But, oh yes, it can.

The newly revealed 3D-glasses-free Nintendo 3DS has attracted 20 of the world's biggest game companies to create titles for it. Among those is Konami, publisher of the stealth series, Metal Gear Solid.

The game will be titled Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3 "The Naked Sample". Today, an interactive trailer was available for players to "guide" the camera and check out the handheld's 3D gaming power.


    I have no problem with the 3DS but I do hope they keep the gimmicky games to a minimal

    Yeah, I wouldn't be looking at the game if that was me. BEWBS!!

      I agree, I was thinking the exact same thing.

    Great work cameraman

    I think the cameraman misunderstood the game title...

    how could you concentrate on the 3ds with those bad boys sitting there so nice and perky

    Blondie i love you. mmm bewbs.

    I had to watch the video a 2nd time, turns out theres a 3DS there!


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