[email protected]: Metroid

It's 2PM. You've finished lunch and are looking for a way to kill time as the day slowly draws to a close. A perfect opportunity, methinks, to listen to some classic chiptunes courtesy of YouTube and your good friends at Kotaku AU.

Today we're going with a few choice cuts from an under-appreciated classic: Metroid on NES. Moody and minimalist, the enduring popularity of these tracks is a testament to the quality of their composition, and to the creative genius of composer Hip Tanaka.

And last by certainly not least, one of the greatest videogame themes ever written:

Shivers, man. SHIVERS.

Update: Sorry about the late update, folks. CMS hiccup!


    Check out metroid metal. Absolutely amazing stuff. [link]http://www.metroidmetal.com/[/link]

      Really cool link.

      The originals are cool too but i can't listen to chip tunes for too long without wanting to press start.

    Metroid Brinster = Best 8-bit music ever.

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