[email protected]: The Last Ninja

It's 2PM. You've finished lunch and are looking for a way to kill time as the day slowly draws to a close. A perfect opportunity, methinks, to listen to some classic chiptunes courtesy of YouTube and your good friends at Kotaku AU.

Today we're going with a choice selection of tracks from an old favourite of mine: The Last Ninja on Commodore 64. Composed by Ben Daglish and Anthony Lees, these tunes are just as amazing now as they were in 1987.


And my personal fave:

God love the SID chip, eh?


    Daglish (along with Martin Galway) is perhaps my favourite composer of that era.

    System 3 really knew how to push that C64 soundchip.

    Thanks for the memories.

    ahhhh this was brilliant. Thank you! This and Matt Grays' Last Ninja 2 were classics. Bit of useless info - Matt Gray has gone onto quite a career in pop music, including co-writing "Believe" By Cher.

    ...but don't hold that against him.

    Last Ninja was one of the first games I persevered with and finished.

    Oh and the ol' SID chip produced some fo the createst gaming music ever heard. Some favourites...
    - Wizball
    - Creatures
    - Retrograde
    - Head over Heels (intro)

    Oh to be 10 again.

    Oh yeah, now we're talking. You've just become my favourite Kotaku.au contributor Dan!

    For those who love this sort of stuff, I can't recommend the awesomeness that is Slay Radio (http://www.slayradio.org/) any more than is possible. Also worth checking out the Blibb Blobb chiptunes podcast (http://blibbblobb.untergrund.net/) on iTunes - They haven't updated in a while, but the 26-odd podcasts available are full of solid chiptune stuff from the C64 right through to the Amiga & Atari ST.

    For the record I was always a Rob Hubbard fan, loved everything he put out (even if the games were a touch naff).

    I sucked at those games but I loved them. Music is very awesome.

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