Civilization Addiction Is As Real As This Trailer Suggests

While the last Civilization V trailer got us hot and heavy with menu footage, this one hits a little closer to home, dealing with the trauma and tragedy of Civilization addiction.

This clip marks the return of Civanon, 2K's great promotional campaign for the series that were it any other publisher and any other series would be a stupid attempt at cheap laughs. With Civ, though, it comes across as terrifyingly realistic.

I, for example, will be requesting my wife takes an extended holiday later in the year. Better that than she see the state I get in when oneturnitis sets in, and I revert to a more primitive state...


    "No More Turns..."

    Just wish the AU steam store wasn't charging $30 more than the US store.
    i'd already have it ordered otherwise.

      It's definitely stupid to be charging extra for a purely digital version. Luckily I have a friend in the states who will gift me a copy. :D

    If you are addicted to video games, seek help plese. It's not good for you or anyone.

    Damn now I need to play some Civ

    Bah I didn't like that because it showed mostly men as the addicts and the wives as the poor suffering partners. But in my household my Mrs is the Civ addict!

    "Sid Meier is a firaxist"

    Anyone remember the original Civ IV trailer that this is the sequel to? They even brought back the psychotic old lady! That's awesome!

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