Civilization V's Trailer Is A Love Letter To PC Gamers

Oh boy. If Civilization V screenshots were enough to get you arranging for sick leave and divorce papers, you may not want to watch this trailer. Or, you may want to. Up to you!

In addition to showing the nuts and bolts of the game - like menus (I have a fetish for menu shots in trailers) - there's also pledges that the game will not only ship with modding tools, but that the best mods can be showcased from within the game itself.

In a world where games like Call of Duty are increasingly reluctant to even bother paying lip-service to the strengths of the PC (and Mac!) community, it's great to see Civilization hasn't forgotten where its bread is buttered.


    Did anybody count how many times the commentator said "Sid Meier's Civilization 5"?


    I counted at least 10 by the narrator (not counting all the talking heads).

    And... I think I'm in love with this game ♥

    mmmm Buttered Bread....

    even with 2k's price fixing i still want it so bad!

      There is not a hope in hell of me buying it in Australia at 60% over the US price. (Plus currency conversion costs!) Dear 2k, go F*** yourselves.

    wow is better than i ever thought it would be hurry September

    LOVE menu shots.

    Anyone else having trouble with videos not showing up on here lately? This has to be the third or fourth story I've loaded in the last week where there's just no frame for the video

      Now that I look, the links for gizmodo and the other sites are all vertically arranged at the top left of the page, wonder if it's related

      Looks fine for me in Firefox...

        Hmm seems to work in chrome for me, weird but thats computers for you I guess

    I remember playing the original Civ in Black and White on my Dad's old Mac Classic. I remember having all the patterns memorized and thinking how much they were dumbing the game down by adding colour (I was young, cut me some slack). I remember when they changed from a top down view and I remember when they added culture. Civ has been a constant in my life as long as I can remember and it never disappoints.

    I will buy this game.

    I think "incredible graphics" is going a little far. I mean it looks OK, but hardly "incredible". Bt at least you already know the gameplay will be sublime.

    Civ's the only game I play for PC.

    Civ IV with Beyond the Sword was as perfect as I thought it could get...was one of only 3 games i'd rate as 10/10.

    This is looking like it will leave Civ IV for dead.

    Cannot. Wait.

    Civ 5, a game that suffers from just one more turn oh crap it's 3am. But next turn I get X, just one more turn.

    What t-shirt was Michael Curran wearing (1min30 to go) that required them to blur it out?

    Yes. So very yes.

    I will buy this game. My girlfriend will hate me. I won't care.

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